I found this article online about Regenesis2x2 and i thought i would share it with everyone.
It has all the details you need before investing in this type of program.

I've been in this type of business myself and i have to admit that they are not my favorites.
You work to earn in the short term and about 85% at least of all the members won't make any
money from it.

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ReGenesis 2x2 PYRAMID Money System
Hello world,
My name is Magdalena Veracruz and I'm just a student in Ohio. I have decided to create this page in order to help people to stay out of businesses like this one - ReGenesis2x2 - and because some of my friend (friends that don't think to much but which I care for) invested some money here and are still waiting (sure they will wait a lot and nothing will happend) for the result of their investment.

If you have reached this page that means that you already know about this self-called "regenesis2x2 money system" and maybe you are curious to find more before you make your "investment". It is good for you to know that the 2x2 matrix is in fact just another pyramid system, that has only one goal: to make you believe that you can make.........

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