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    Default Pi network App for Digital Currency

    PI , The world's first digital currency with the ability to extract with a mobile phone without the need to process and consume resources and the Internet :

    What is the PI NETWORK Airdrop or Application and the Digital Currency PI (Pie)?
    Airdrop means free digital currency sharing with people for a limited time to get to know more people with the currency. After attracting audiences, digital currency is listed and priced in international currency exchanges and can be traded.
    Airdrops have the potential to generate high revenue and are one of the best ways to earn money online, if they succeed in attracting more audiences and expanding their market and increasing their value after valuation. This way they made a lot of wealth.
    The most profitable are those who have the patience to collect more coins or tokens when offering free currency.
    Minecraft's minepi pie is a mobile-mined digital currency that is powered by three Stanford PhD students, named Dr.Nicolas Kokkalis and Dr.Chengdiao Fan and Vincent McPhillip have been designed and developed. Its main motto is digital currency extraction with a mobile handset without the need for specialized hardware and heavy processing. And, according to its developers, it is one of the first digital currency projects to provide free users with free digital currency without the need for expensive equipment. The important point is that PI mining with a smartphone does not have heavy processing (like other digital currencies) and does not put pressure on mobile hardware and does not have high internet usage. You don't even need to have your phone always on and off.
    The program has been widely welcomed worldwide and by the end of the second month of the year more than 3 million users worldwide have joined the program. By the time the number of users reaches 10 million, the mining speed will be half or zero. It's easy to get it for now, so make the effort. According to the latest statistics, the number of PI app downloads on Google Play has exceeded one million. Attracting so many users around the world, represents the bright future of this Digital Currency.
    According to information provided in White Pepper (ID) PI, this project will be implemented in three main phases :
    Phase I: Free and Airdrop Currency Sharing between Users and Increasing Network Members
    Phase II: Launching the Blockchain Network and introducing NODE software and network testing
    Phase III: Listing and officially introducing pie currency into the currency exchange market and activating the possibility of buying and selling it.

    How to Download and install the Pi Network program :

    The NetWork Pie app has both Android and ios versions. You can download it directly from Google Play or AppStore. Then install and run it. You can sign up for this program in two ways : Sign up via Facebook account or sign up via mobile. In this section we choose the second option, Continue With phone number.
    You need a referral code to sign up for this program : PI Application Reference Code: arch1368
    Please note that all letters are lowercase.
    To extract this digital currency with your mobile phone, just open the PI application once a day and click on the green icon on the home screen (as shown above) and then select MINE. Application screen to be open because developers say the program extracts currency using the cloud system. You can also earn more if you are active in the PI program and interact with other people through chat or can invite more people to your app through your referral code.

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    I would like to know more about this.

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