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    Default Forex Metal RIPPED US OFF!!!

    Names REVEALED! ( too!)

    We expose Forex Metal and owner VLADISLAV KOGAN (Born 1973, living in Sydney, Australia) in this Video:

    (To read all details, PAUSE THE VIDEO often.)
    00:00 Our story
    00:21 Forex Metal web site
    00:25 Victims
    02.54 Forex Conclusions review
    03:31 How Forex Metal describes itself
    04:35 Who they really are
    04:38 Photos and the Truth about their Century Tower address
    05:32 Panama’s SMV (Superindencia de Mercado de Valores) listing of authorized Forex brokers and September 1, 2011 law requiring government licensing
    05:51 More on their fraudulent address
    05:58 Their Credit Card
    06:11 Employee Names and some Marketing Sites
    06:43 Bank of New Zealand wire transfer
    07:01 Owner VLADISLAV KOGAN
    07:16 Details of his many corporations, starting with New Zealand
    08:35 Photos of his old residential address (apartment building)
    08:56 Photos of his recent residential address ($2.2 Million AUD home)
    09:49 Domain Names, and Cross Relationships linking names and corporations
    10:58 Corporations since 2001 and more victims (Calobar LLC, Credit Alliance SA, Dunboyne Investment SA, e-ForexGold, FM Financial Services Ltd, FM Financial Solutions Inc, Forex Metal (Australia), Forex-Metal Exchange Services Inc, Forex Metal Exchange Services UK Ltd, Forex Metal Holdings Limited, Forex-Metal Limited SA, FX Index Limited, FX Index Pty Ltd, FX Index PTY Ltd, FX Markets PTE Ltd)
    14:06 Aliom Trading not compliant with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission), revoking most of its representatives, including VLADISLAV KOGAN
    14:47 VLADISLAV KOGAN still claims Forex Metal (Australia) operates under Aliom’s License
    15:02 Targets Binary Trading and India Forex markets
    15:14 Forex Metal in 2014
    15:31 In Conclusion
    15:45 Research & Web Links, including Timeline (2001-2014), Corporations at a Glance, Domain Cross Relationships, Forums that Forex Metal Markets to, and Forums to Contact
    16:57 Recent Updates
    17:42 Updates and more to be listed under video “Description”

    We will post this info at many popular trading forums (complete list under video); many already have posts on Forex Metal.

    Where possible, we will start a new thread “Forex Metal Ripped Us Off!” for victimized traders to post comments.
    To warn other unsuspecting traders, we will also post in the most viewed relevant threads.
    Search “Forex Metal” for specific threads until we list them under Video Description.

    We suspect Forex Metal created several personalities or used its affiliates either to say what a great broker they are or to market promotions, or both. Usually details are vague. Click on the names; often all their posts talk more about Forex Metal than actual trading.

    We apologize for any repetition, but VLADISLAV KOGAN must be stopped from ripping off traders.

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    You have provided very detailed analysis of everything, yes this person really must be stopped and you really need to stop them lately. How do you really plan to go there ? How do you plan to proceed ? With lawyers or what ? I do see it matters.

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