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    Default Verta -

    I am not the admin of this project, the topic was created for the purpose of familiarization!

    Start of the project: 08/15/2018

    Information about us
    In today's world it is quite difficult to get confused when it comes to areas such as classic trading and bankruptcy trading. Despite the strong trend in these areas, they are still dark horses in the field of investment, shocking the possibility of a quick profit. Our team has been collecting and processing information for a long time, trying to create a perfect market analysis process. In it, we, together with you, will be able to reach significant heights in the field of investment, working as a close-knit team.

    Of course, we understand the doubts of customers who have just entered this market and are doing everything possible to make you feel confident. Our training program is aimed at creating competent, self-confident people who can safely call themselves professionals.

    At the moment, our offices are opening across the country. We want you to be part of our team. A team that looks to the future!

    We intend to conduct practical training on the topic of bidding for bankruptcy.

    This will give us the opportunity in each region to get qualified specialists with whom we can achieve better results.

    Investment plans:

    4% every week for 50 weeks
    Deposit is included in payments, net profit is 100%.

    When reinvesting profit higher, taking into account the payment of the deposit:
    1st month 20%
    2nd month 30%
    3rd month 40%

    Minimum deposit: $ 100
    minimum payout: $ 10
    Maximum contribution: unlimited

    Ref program: 10-5-3-0.5% up to level 7
    Payment: BitCoin, Perfect Money, Payeer
    SSL certificate: yes
    Payments: on Wednesdays, instant

    U17804124 (Verta)
    Account Type: Verified, 0 Trust Score point (s)
    Credit rating: Normal, no loans.

    My deposit:

    Date of operation: Oct 05, 2018 22:09
    Operation ID: 655725798
    Type of operation: transfer
    Status: completed
    Amount of debiting: 200.00 $
    Amount received: $ 200.00

    Account Description: Verta
    Store account number: 747

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    [b] [color = maroon] Received referral payments and interest for the week: [/ color] [/ b]

    + 180.00 USD
    Date: 11/22/2018 14:38:50
    ID: 681799577
    Details: P1003514560 → P3130206
    Amount: 180.00 USD

    + 1025.00 RUB
    Date: 11/22/2018 14:39:29
    ID: 681799940
    Details: P1003514560 → P3130206
    Amount: 1025.00 RUB

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