Welcome to https://x2bitcoin.xyz/
x2bitcoin.xyz will start at 07/01/2016

Double your Bitcoins in a simple way

- First arrived first served
- Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
- Maximum Deposit: 999 BTC
- Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be counted as DONATIONS
- DO NOT send from Shared Wallet or Exchange Addresses or you may not receive returns! Blockchain.info wallets are OK!
- No time limit as long as people invest

How does x2bitcoin.xyz work?
Enter your BTC withdrawal address and send bitcoin to the address on the site, and you'll get back 200% of the deposit.
The returns on your investment come from other investors, so as long as people invest after you, your payout is guaranteed!

How do I know I won't be scammed?
Everything is fully automatic without human intervention.
You can view ALL of our activity on the Blockchain. It's impossible for us to cheat you out of your money without EVERYONE seeing.

How long does it take to receive the payout?
It depends on the bank balance and how many people are depositing.

Why can't I use a web wallet for x2bitcoin.xyz?
If you used a web wallet, you'd be paying from a shared address. We'd have no way of knowing what address to send your payout to! Don't do it. (blockchain.info web wallets are OK.)

Any further questions? Post them below or PM me.

Please post your txid below for proof