CMM Automotive Mechanics provide professional mobile vehicle inspections from $265 call-out! Call 1800 888 990 or email [email protected].

Are you thinking of purchasing a second hand vehicle but scared it could be a lemon? At CMM Automotive, you will have a qualified mobile mechanic carry out an inspection, giving you all the information you require and allowing you to make a confident decision on your next car purchase.
A car inspection Perth could save you thousands of dollars in the future if you fall in love with the wrong car that “looks” perfect. A CMM Automotive vehicle inspection Perth carries out the following services:
Complete Engine check
Full electrical check
Fuel and ignition system check
Cooling system check
Visual inspection of brakes, tyres, wheels
Steering and suspension
Transmission testing and check
Body condition inspection
Air conditioning testing and check
Full interior and exterior checks, including rust
Road test of vehicle
Full customer report and expert recommendation
According to, 99% of Australians distrust what they are told by someone selling a used car. When you consider that one in 2 Australians that have car accidents sell their car without disclosing prior damage, you have good reason to be wary. So if you think you have found your dream used car, avoid the nightmare and Free call our mobile team today on 1800 888 990 or email [email protected] and for a thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure you’re not buying a lemon.