Project start: 05.08.2011


Yield: of up to 20% per month.
Minimum investment: NO - is a service which offers services for mutual crediting of individuals, ie, using BTCJam You can take a loan from another person or vice versa borrow borrow money at much higher interest rates than a bank. A more familiar name such projects is "mutual benefit fund"

The essential difference from other similar services is the use as a measure of value - cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Using cryptocurrency, BTCJam can work around the world and significantly reduce the costs of payments to clients.
Another feature is the use of Bitcoin complete confidentiality investor that does not belong to the borrower, with him on the contrary to improve the credit rating requires a lot of verifications (phone, passport, social. Networks, PayPal, Ebay, addresses, online Bitcoin wallets.)

Based passed verifications drawn credit rating from 0 to 100, for ease of ranking is divided into letter designations, as is customary in major rating companies:

Rating 0-30 E-, E, E +
31-55 rating D-, D, D +
56-75 rating C, C, C +
76-85 rating B-, B, B +
86-100 rated A-, A, A +
[b] Maximum reliability is considered to be rated A +. [/ B]

In addition to the rating of the borrower can be estimated by reputation. Reputation zarabatyvaetsya only by taking loans and their timely repayment, plus a positive or negative feedback. Similar reputation ratings have nearly all auctions for the likeness of Ebay.

Services provided:
1. Receipt and secure storage Bitcoin.
2. Inspection of documents and drawing up of ratings of borrowers.
3. Automatic search of the borrower to issue loan in a predetermined pattern.
4. Automatic calculation of profits and commissions.

Affiliate Program:
- Each client receives a personal link to attract referrals
- The total amount for each attracted you and your referrals will get $ 25
- If your referral has invested at least $ 100 and you get your referral $ 5 one-time payment
- If your referral took credit for $ 250 and you get your referral even $ 5
- If your referral repaid loans for $ 250 and you get your referral for $ 15
- Accepted model of remuneration CPA, ie, disposable payment for fulfilling certain conditions.

Important: not guarantee return on investment, so you should limit yourself carefully chosen borrowers provided ratings and reputation.
Do not take all the money to one person, break your investment portfolio for several applications.