Here are more common questions about Gold investment around the world
Q11:Can I close out all positions in a single transaction?
A: Yes, you can close out all positions at the same time. Click the "Close All" button (or select all),and then click "close". Or you can double-click the lots and modify the value for partial close. The "Close All" button is not available in MT4 platform.

Q12:What is Spread?
A: The spread refers to the difference between the bid and ask price. The spread of LLG is US$0.5.The contract unit of Loco London Gold is ounce and about 100 ounces per lot, thus, the spread for trading one lot of LLG will be 0.5*100=US$50. Bid-ask spread of LLS is US$0.04.The contract unit of Loco London Silver is ounce and 5000 ounces per lot, thus, the spreads for trading one lot of LLS will be 0.04*5000=US$200.
Please contact our customer service for spread offer details.

Q13:How can I know the spread has been charged?
A: The bid and ask price of LLG has a difference of US$0.5. When buy/sell to build a position, the position will close based on the bid/ask price. When trading one lot, the "profit/loss" column of the order shows a -50 which refers the spread has been charged.

Q14:How many points of the minimum tick size of LLG?
A: Rise or fall one pip in each bounce of LLG refers that the price goes up or down by US$0.1 per ounce in GEG platform, while US$0.01 in MT4 platform.

Q15:What is margin?
A: Margin refers to the certain amount of capital required for trading of LLG/LLS as a certificate of holding the orders. The margin requirement for LLG is US$1000 per lot, For instance Gold Jinyu. The margin requirement for LLS is US$2000 per lot.
After closing quotation in Friday night(GMT+8) the margin for LLG is 2000USD/lot, the margin for LLS is 4000USD/lot, in order to copy with the wild market fluctuation when the market opens.

Q16:What is the minimum margin level?
A: When holding an unsettled position, the margin may decrease as a result of floating loss. The margin level must remain at above 10% of the initial margin.

Q17:What is leverage?
A: Leverage ratio can be used to measure the magnification of "small broad". The calculation formula of leverage: Market price*contract unit/margin requirement=leverage. For example: if the market price of gold is 1315.00, the leverage=1315.00*100 ounces/1000=131.5 times.

Q18:What is explosive position?
A: Under certain special conditions, the balance in the margin account of an investor is negative. When the market has big changes, if the capitals in the investor's margin account have been used as trading margin, and the trading direction is going against the market trend, , For instance Gold Jinyu.because of the leverage of the margin, the position will be locked. The position will explosive because of the change of market and overnight interest.

Q19:What are the Trading hour and clearing hour?
A: Trading hour for spot products(Beijing Standard Time):
From 08:00 on Monday to 03:00 on Saturday(summer)
From 08:00 on Monday to 04:00 on Saturday(winter).
The trading hour for Hong Kong stock exchange is in a time period specified by HKSE. Please visit the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for details. We provide 24 hours a day service in our platform.
Clearing hour:03:00-03:15 (summer)04:00-04:15 (winter) The trading is suspended and interests is for delivery during this time period.

Q20:What is reorder?
A: Limit orders/pending orders can not be used for reorder purpose, that is when the market price rises, place pending orders to buy new orders or sell limit orders(increase the buy orders) is not allowed. On the contrary, when the price falls, place pending orders to sell or to buy limit orders(increase the sell orders) is not allowed. The orders will be automatically cancelled by the system, For instance Gold Jinyu.. whether close the positions or place new orders, stop-loss price/advantaged pending order can not be executed when the market price rises /falls. That is, it can not be used for reorder purpose, but can be used for close or lock the position.