Without further adue, here are the top clinics and destinations where legal gestational surrogacy is available and under what conditions. The clinics shown below offer comprehensive legal help and top advanced testing, IVF, surrogate and donor check-up protocols.

International Gestational Surrogacy in Cyprus - North Cyprus IVF uses the unique surrogacy program CASS (Cyprus America Surrogacy Services), offering couples affordable surrogacy options, backed by the US legal system. The surrogate recruitment, legal work, child delivery and registration will take place in the US. The IVF treatment will take place in Cyprus, where the surrogate mother will have transferred into her uterus the embryo created for the future mother's or a donor's eggs and the future father's or a donor's sperm. Our lawyer in the US has helped hundreds of couples from all over the world take their child back home.
Same-Sex Surrogacy in Cyprus - Same-sex surrogacy applies to gay couples who want to become parents. North Cyprus IVF combines the legal system in the US through the Cyprus-America Surrogacy Services, with affordable prices in Cyprus. We treat all patients equally, no matter if they are gay couples or single men or women who want to have a child. Our patients prepare and undergo all the preliminary work at our North Cyprus clinic and complete all the first stage medical exams and treatments while staying in Cyprus free of charge. Every contract and legal arrangement is bound by US laws and completed for a significantly low cost.

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