Please join this well-developed and steady program. The site is professional and dependable, with 24-hour live chat support, $15,000 account limit, paying a realistic 1% daily. I have been in for four months and the servers have never been down, never found a dead link or even a misspelled word, and every time I logged into the program's live online support chat I was greeted by a helpful support staff, even in the late night hours of weekends. There was a recent scheduled three-day down time for server upgradings. (they expanded from five servers to eight due to the rapid growth and popularity of the program)

Below is the link, and before that a little information.

I started with a free account , the free $10 they give , just to try it out.
I used it for two months , and after two months, I liked what I had seen enough to put $500 in. I was encouraged to find that their payment processor verifies every member's identification and credit card via fax.
While such security might not appeal to everyone's sense of personal privacy, to me it spoke of soundness and stability (this feature of the program will somewhat discourage the criminal element. ie: do I want to join a program that allows money laundering, fraud, etc., and is sequentially such down by the authorities like so many others? No. I want a program that attracts other honest people, and therefore stands a good chance of lasting for a long time into the future, my financial future!)
I have been in for four months, and it just seems to keep getting better.
This month I will make my first withdrawal, and have about $300 of my original $500 seed money back. I may make another withdrawal next month, and get the remaining $200 of the $500 investment out, and leave the rest to compound for a year.
Below is the link for the 1% program. It has been around for four years total, and for two years in its present form. It generates 1% daily interest every day, and compounds it monthly.
I have been in for four months and it has operated flawlessly. : by my calculations, in thirteen months I will be earning over $50,000 per year, which is good enough for me. Another thing I like is that there is an account limit, which will limit the future growth of the program to realistic terms. Their forum is top notch, and they are doing seminars & conventions etc. similar to PIPS. It is listed at number one of the 'top 5 programs' listing at .

not mlm, no selling or recruitment needed.

automated autosurf program, effortless to login and leave running each morning. You can walk away from your computer and come home to find that it has surfed your required number of sites automatically, effortlessly.

Here is the link:;username=****

To read more check their forum, or read more from outside observers at