GrabForGold -


This is compltely a game! It is run by l0rn of MMG. He is very active on the forum and is an honest person.

The launch is set for tomorrow.. 20 hours from now! so get in soon!!


Following and studying the HYIP arena for 8 months I decided to launch my own HYIP GAME! If you don't know what a HYIP GAME is or have another question, please feel free to ask in one of our threads at MMG, Talkgold... The game will stop when we reach 90% !!

First and foremost we have a few rules...


- This is a Game. It is not an Investment Site!!
- Don't invest if you don't know what a HYIP game is!
- Don't invest more than you can afford to lose !!!
- Don't cheat me! If I find two accounts with the same IP, your account
will be deleted and you'll lose your money!
- NO COMPOUNDING!! This will lead to account deletion!
- I don't tolerate SPAM
- You need to have an active deposit to earn referral commission
- Please vote when you received payment!
- Payouts will be processed manually within 12hours
GrabForGold65% daily for 2 days Plan