Daily Technical Levels from FXCC 19 Sep 2011

Intraday Technical Levels:

Pivot: 1.3775.
Preference: SHORT positions @ 1.3765 with 1.359& 1.3555 as next targets.
Alternative Scenario:The upside penetration of 1.3775will call for 1.3835 & 1.3895.
Comment:the pair has broken below its support andremains under pressure.

Intraday Technical Levels:

Pivot: 76.75.
Preference: LONG positions above 76.75 with [email protected] 77.05 & 77.25.
Alternative Scenario: The downside breakout of 76.75will open the way to 76.6 & 76.4.
Comment: the RSI is supported by a rising trend line,the pair is on the upside and is approaching its resistance.

Intraday Technical Levels:

Pivot: 1.5770.
Preference: SHORT positions @ 1.576 with [email protected] 1.565 & 1.557.
Alternative Scenario: The upside penetration of 1.577will call for a rebound towards 1.5825 & 1.587.
Comment: the pair stands within a MT bearish channeland is challenging its previous low.

Daily Technical Levels from fxcc.com
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