My Account Number is 1112180 and i have been trading with FXTM for just over a month.

I have numerous issues till now. First, It's very hard to get in touch with my Accounts Manager (Nishant Dudey). Even if i call customer services, i get a response that he is busy or not available and no one else can call me either. If i call him, he disconnects my calls. Second, When i opened the account, i was promised that loyalty bonus of $2 per standard lot trade and i haven't seen anything yet. I raised a ticket as well, however no response on it. Ticket number 2018101910006746 and its been oer 2 weeks. Third, I had a trade open (order number 2019241151). The order was in profit and i had a trailing stop active, which was triggered as well. Now the deal cannot go in loss as the trailing stop is active and triggered. After 15 minutes i see the deal is closed in loss. Now sure how that is even possible. I have a ticket opened for that as well and as always no proper response (Ticket number 2018101610003174). Fourth, I spoke to my accounts manager as i am not getting proper response and i want escalate it to Mr Junaid Tamboli as Nation Head he should what's happening. My accounts manager promised that he will get a callback to me from him, as he was not comfortable sharing his email address and nothing since then. I used to think that for first few months at least i'll be treated good and all this is happening. If service is bad in just one month, not sure what future holds.