Sometimes big things come in small packages. Think of your mp4 or iPod and how small they are but yet once you put on your headphone it is as if you are at a rock concert, front row, listening to your favorite musician. That is amplitude. And that is how trading should be approached. What can you get for your dollar?

We realize that many traders aspire to become bigger traders and want to provide that opportunity which is why we are amplifying your trading dollar with a 400% bonus.

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61 FX Pairs * 29 Commodities * 27 Indexes * 48 US Stocks * 45 European Stocks * 40 Indian Stocks

For new and current clients, we offer three options for Small Time trader with large ambitions.

Deposit $25 and Trade with $100
Deposit $50 and Trade with $200
Deposit $75 and Trade with $300
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Bonus Requirements:

Bonuses apply to new and current clients with a balance less than $10.
In order to withdraw your free bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 10,000 base instrument for every $1 bonus within 12 months. 50% of those volumes need to be traded within the first six months of receiving the bonus.
After 6 months and/or 1 year, we reserve the right to cancel the bonus. We will make an attempt to contact you as well.
Bonus will be given upon receipt of verification documents - Photo ID, Proof of Residence, and Copy of Credit Card, front and back, the middle numbers can be blocked (if used).
The following countries are eligible for bonus only if deposits are made by wire transfer or Liberty Reserve: Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria.
The bonus is related to base currency of account holder.
Maximum Redemption is $1,000.
Using the Most Popular FX Trading Platform, MT4, will allow you to get Streaming Quotes, Market News, Technical Analysis Tools, Trading Charts, and Social Trading.

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