The Euro remains well supported, with last Friday’s surge through key barriers at 1.3138/70, resulted in testing levels just under psychological 1.3200 level and 30d Bollinger Band during the Asian session. Corrective easing is seen likely, as hourly indicators are emerging out of overbought zone, while 4h ones started o reverse. However, overall bullish tone remains intact, as clear break above 1.3200 would signal fresh bull phase after three-month congestion under 1.3170/38 peaks. On the upside, immediate target lies at 1.3282, 01 May high and psychological 1.3300 barrier. With dips being contained by 20 day EMA at 1.3140 for now, next strong supports lies at 1.3100 zone, also 55 day EMA and 1.3070, last Friday low / Fib 38.2% of 1.2876/1.3186 ascend.

Res: 1.3170, 1.3186, 1.3200, 1.3250
Sup: 1.3142, 1.3118, 1.3100, 1.3065


Cable is poised to break above psychological 1.6200 barrier, also Fib 76.4% of 1.6308/1.5826, the last barrier en-route to strong 1.6300 resistance zone. Near-term studies are positively aligned and keep the upside favored, with psychological support at 1.6100, also 50% of 1.6000/1.6200, expected to contain any stronger reversal.

Res: 1.6200, 1.6216, 1.6250, 1.6271
Sup: 1.6175, 1.6155, 1.6130, 1.6100


Strong bullish stance has been confirmed by overnight’s gap-higher opening, as the price broke above previous annual high at 84.17. Corrective action off overnight’s fresh high at 84.32, holds for now above last week’s closing price, with any stronger retracement, as 4h studies are overbought and divergence appears on hourly chart, would face good supports at 83.30 and 83.00, levels expected to contain. On the upside, psychological 85.00 barrier comes in the near-term focus.

Res: 84.00, 84.15, 84.32, 84.50
Sup: 83.84, 83.50, 83.30, 83.00


Near-term bears remain fully in play, as the pair dips to 0.9150, following loss of 0.9200 base. Brief corrective action on oversold near-term conditions strong barriers at 0.9200/40 area that are expected to cap, with 0.9100 zone seen in the near-term focus, as the pair resumes broader downtrend from 0.9970, 24 July annual high.

Res: 0.9192, 0.9200, 0.9213, 0.9240
Sup: 0.9175, 1.9164, 0.9151, 0.9100