The Euro steadies above 1.2900 support, with overnight’s brief break above initial 1.2950 resistance, lacking momentum for test of more significant 1.2970, Fib 38.2% and 1.3000, round figure / 50% retracement of 1.3125/1.2876. Hourly studies are losing traction, while 4h 20 day EMA capping and indicators in the negative territory, with Stochastic reversing, seeing the downside still vulnerable. Failure to regain 1.3000 handle that would open way for stronger recovery, sees risk of retesting 1.2900/1.2876, to possibly trigger further retracement of larger 1.2660/1.3125 ascend.

Res: 1.2961, 1.2971, 1.3000, 1.3030
Sup: 1.2927, 1.2900, 1.2885, 1.2876


Cable holds near-term positive tone, established on a strong bounce from 1.6000 support zone, despite yesterday’s rejection on approach to psychological 1.6100 barrier. While the near-term consolidation holds above 1.6060, previous resistance, scope exists for fresh attempt higher, with clearance of 1.6100 and more important 1.6129 double-top, required to confirm bullish stance. Otherwise, loss of 1.6060, also 55 day EMA, would see increased risk of re-visiting 1.6000 area. Hourly studies are losing momentum, while 4h indicators are about to break above the midlines, with regain of 1.6100, required to confirm.

Res: 1.6086, 1.6095, 1.6100, 1.6127
Sup: 1.6060, 1.6042, 1.6012, 1.6000


The pair holds in the middle of near-term 81.70/82.83 range, following unsuccessful attempt at upper boundary and dips being contained above psychological 82.00 support. Near-term studies remain neutral, with break of either side of the range, required to establish fresh direction.

Res: 82.43, 82.63, 82.74, 82.83
Sup: 82.29, 82.10. 82.00, 81.68


The pair holds near-term positive tone, as reversal from last Friday’s fresh high at 0.9381, finds ground at initial support at 0.9320, reinforced by 20 day EMA. Positive 4h chart structure keeps the upside in focus, with hourly studies starting to point higher and gaining bullish momentum. Regain of important 0.9400 barrier is seen as initial signal of bullish resumption, with break above 200 day MA at 0.9420 and previous peaks at 0.9430 zone, required to confirm. Conversely, loss of 0.9320/00 would revive bears and re-expose 0.9239 and key support at 0.9213.

Res: 0.9368, 0.9381, 0.9400, 0.9430
Sup: 0.9320, 0.9300, 0.9263, 0.9254