Still trading in narrow range, the pair formed a double top pattern at 1.2440 high of 6th and 7th of Aug and 55 days EMA at 1.2445 however, it didnít manage to drop lower than 1.2338 during the past couple of days. Awaiting a break of any of those points to decide the direction, the downside is favored as Momentum started to drop to 100, a break of 1.2370 would confirm it for a drop to 1.2340 and 1.2290 next. If a momentum is established and a break of 1.2440 was made, the pair is expected to jump towards 1.2505, 1.2555 and 1.2625 next.

Res: 1.2440, 1.2505, 1.2555, 1.2625
Sup: 1.2370, 1.2340, 1.2290, 1.2215

Yesterday price action was maintained at 1.5680 at 2nd of Aug peak, however still inside way trend as long as it is trading above 1.5560. First support is spotted at 1.5590 ahead of 1.5560, when a break there would open 1.5590 and 1.5400 next. The upside is capped by 1.5680/90 zone, a break there would open a test to 1.5730 and 1.5770 our medium term resistance. A break of 1.5590/60 would confirm the drop in momentum for a downtrend.

Res: 1.5680, 1.5690, 1.5730, 1.5770
Sup: 1.5590, 1.5560, 1.5490, 1.5455

The pair has tested the higher levels of the side way trend at 78.70 were it was maintained, todayís current account higher than expected data did nothing to the pair were its still trading 20 pips lower than upside barrier, a break higher would open 79.15 and 80.00 next. On the downside, support of 77.90/95 would hold side way trend, a break there would open 1st of Jun low at 77.60, and if broken, a drop lower to 76.00 and 75.60 zone.

Res: 78.70, 79.10, 80.00, 80.60
Sup: 77.90, 77.65, 77.30, 76.70

Holding below 1618 resistance level, the precious metal was maintained for a drop below 1608 zone. A break of 1618 would open 1628 high of 27th and 31st of July, where it would open 1635/40 zone. While bears is expected to move in once 1608/05 is broken for a test to 1597 and 1584 next.

Res: 1618, 1628, 1635, 1640
Sup: 1605, 1597, 1584, 1566

Crude Oil
Managed to break 93.15 the high levels of 19th of July and jumped as high as 94.30 zone were a previous high was established at 16th of May, a break there would open 95.40 zone ahead of 97.55. A correction to the downside would be maintained by 92.30 high of 6th of Aug, and 91.70 zone, a break there would open 90.55 and 89.40 next.

Res: 94.30, 95.40, 97.55, 100.75
Sup: 92.30, 91.70, 90.55, 89.40