1. How much monthly profit I will get?
- You will get 20% monthly profit of the money you will let me trade with.

2. Can I get more than 20% profit monthly?
- Yes, for investing more than $5000 you will get 40% monthly profit.

3. What is the minimum amount of money I can start trading with?
- The minimum amount of money that you will have to fund your OWN account with is $1000

4. What about losses? Can I lose my money?
- There will be no losses as I always recover the losses fast.

5. How can I get started investing in FOREX?
- Please open a mini forex account with the broker www.exness.com and fund it with the money then contact me so I can start trading in your account.

6. Can I open my account with a different broker?
- No, you must open your account with exness.com as all my clients accounts with this broker so I use it only.

7. What about the safety of my account?

- Very good question, I can't withdraw or add a "cent" to your account as you are the owner of the account, actually, you are the ONLY one that can add and withdraw funds, I can ONLY trade. You are the ONLY one that can mange the money!

8. What will happened at the end of each month?
- Let's say I am trading in your account that you funded it with $1000 and I made $300 profit from my trades all the month, you will take your 20% that is $200 and send me the rest that is $100 in this example.

9. What is the payment processor that I will have to add the funds to the broker?
- The broker I use accepts too many payment processors including WebMoney, Perfect Money, and Liberty Reserve. Please notice that I accept ONLY the part of the profit that will be mine at the end of the month to be send to my Liberty Reserve as I don't use the other processors.

*If you are interested in my service please contact me at my email AmyTheCutie420(@)yahoo.com
Thank you guys :)

Any more questions please don't hesitate to post here and send me to my private email and I will answer you, but please only serious investors so we won't waste each other time :)

Again I wana mention.... I can ONLY trade in your account, nothing more. So no fear of taking your money as you won't send me a cent before I make you money! :)