UIS gained 4.48% on 02/08/12 and a total percentage of 8.83% in the past 4 days
Average True Range (Atr) indicates the volatility has increased for UIS.
Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is bullish for UIS.
UIS formed a bullish Gap Up signal.
UIS formed a Bullish Macd Crossover signal.
Money Flow Index (MFI) is bullish and moving up for UIS.
UIS formed a bullish Price & Exponential Moving Average Crossover signal.
The 10-day simple moving average is bearish and moving down for UIS.
Average volume decrease over 5% for UIS.
Stock performance base on day of week in the past 90 days.
Monday: -7.32%
Tuesday: 6.94%
Wednesday: -16.12%
Thursday: -13.75%
Friday: 8.61%