The pair remains under pressure, being driven by fundamentals from early hours of European session. Bounce from day’s low at 1.3655 was capped at 1.3830, yesterday’s high, ahead of 1.3836, 12 July swing low, with subsequent fall, revisiting 1.3655. Hourly studies are neutral to negative, while 4-hour chart studies maintain bearish tone. Current price action remains supported at 1.3655, break of which to expose 1.3607, 01 Nov low. Only clearance of 1.3830/50 zone, today’s high / Fib 38.2%, would improve the near-term tone.

Res: 1.3754, 1.3800, 1.3830, 1.3850
Sup: 1.3655, 1.3635, 1.3607, 1.3565


Near-term structure regains strength, after yesterday’s upside rejection at 1.6040 zone, triggered fall through key short-term support at 1.5900 zone, posting marginally fresh low at 1.5875, where a good support was found. Bounce through short-term bear-channel resistance at 1.5970, has nearly fully retraced 1.6040/1.5875 downleg, before pullback on overbought hourlies occurred. Holding above 1.6000 mark, keeps the upside in focus, as hourly studies are positive. Clearance of 1.6040 barrier is required spark fresh recovery and expose 1.6100 for test. On the downside, loss of 1.5965/50 supports would weaken the near-term tone.

Res: 1.6038, 1.6091, 1.6100, 1.6140
Sup: 1.5965, 1.5950, 1.5900, 1.5875


The near-term price action remains flat, moving within very narrow range around 78.00 level. Break of extreme points at 77.75 on the downside and 78.40/79.00 on the upside is to define near-term direction. However, daily structure still shows some positive elements for possible fresh attempt higher, with potential second action of Bank of Japan still on the table. Key upside barriers lie at 79.52, post-intervention high and 79.84, 200 day SMA, above which to confirm fresh strength and expose next targets at 80.00/23.

Res: 78.40, 79.00, 79.52, 80.00
Sup: 77.88, 77.75, 77.50, 77.26


Hourly structure is weakening after upside attempt from 0.8783, day’s low, was capped on approach to initial barrier at 0.8900, with fresh sell-off under way. The near-term price action is seen entrenched within 0.8780/0.8890 range, with focus at the downside, as 4-hour studies are weakening and the pair returns under broken bear-trendline. Loss of 0.8783 support to extend near-term weakness off 0.8957 high and open 200 day SMA at 0.8720 for test. On the upside, break above 0.8957, to open way for fresh recovery and expose 0.9000 next.

Res: 0.8892, 0.8900, 0.8957, 0.9000
Sup: 0.8800, 0.8793, 0.8760, 0.8737