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    Default Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub?

    Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub?


    This is something very crucial in real life and in forex trading.

    Before we start: Characteristics of a Lion (King of the Jungle)

    - Calm
    - Powerful
    - Confident
    - Killing Instinct

    Have you watch documentaries before on how do lions hunt?

    Although lions themselves are a powerful predator, they still do not go out right up front to the prey and start chasing them from afar.

    What they do is that they will fix their target on the weakest prey and move slowly and calmly towards the prey without gaining any attention.

    Only when they are close enough and confident of getting their prey, will they Strike.

    Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub?

    The nature of a lion and how he hunts his prey largely applies to forex trading.

    Are you the type of trader who calmly wait for a setup (prey) to occur.

    And if there is no setup (prey), they will retire back to rest and come back to hunt the next day.

    OR Ė are you the trader who strikes everytime you see food. But to get themselves a back lash most of the time?

    If you are the 2nd trader, you are like a baby cub.

    When the cubs are young, their parents will teach them how to hunt.

    And not to go out striking blindly.

    Online Forex Trading: Are You A Lion or a Cub?

    Being calm is the characteristic of a lion.

    But when he strikes, he is confident of a Kill.

    Thatís what a trader should do as well.

    We will lie in wait for a setup occurance, and when it occurs.

    We will strike it without hesitation.

    But if there is no setup, we will retire to rest and do our things.

    I hope you find the above analogy interesting, and itís time to ask yourself.

    Are you a Lion or a Cub in forex trading?

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    See you on the other side my friend,

    Asia Forex Mentor
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    At the moment I am not going to compare myself to any of these because I am in a complete middle stage, so I am not entirely new or too old, hence it’s in between. My improvement is happening rapidly with help of OctaFX broker’s great conditions which include low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 and brilliant customer service that’s active throughout the working week and helps me with any problem no matter if it’s minor or big.

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