The pair remains under pressure following yesterday’s upside rejection at 1.3913 and slide through initial support at 1.3830 zone. Temporary ground was found just above 1.3720/00 support, also near Fib 23.6%, but recovery attempt is for now capped by 1.3790/1.3800, yesterday’s intraday high / 20 day MA on 4-hour chart. Holding below these levels keeps the downside favored, with break below 1.3720/00 to focus key near-term support at 1.3685, below which would sideline short-term bulls in favor of stronger reversal into 1.3600 zone. On the upside, clearance of initial barrier at 1.3800 improves the near-term tone for test of 1.3830/50, next resistances.

Res: 1.3790, 1.3800, 1.3832, 1.3850
Sup: 1.3747, 1.3722, 1.3700, 1.3685


Near-term outlook maintains positive tone after pullback from fresh high at 1.5851, posted yesterday, was contained at 1.5730, keeping the key support zone at 1.5700/1.5665 intact for now. Regain of 1.5800 handle would signal fresh attack at 1.5851, above which to focus 1.5900/40, figure resistance / Fib 50% of 1.6617/1.5271 descend. Hourly studies are entering positive territory, with 20 day MA at 1.5770, underpinning the advance. Only loss of 1.5730 would weaken the near-term structure, while below 1.5700/1.5665 to put short-term bulls off 1.5271 on hold.

Res: 1.5821, 1.5851, 1.5865, 1.5900
Sup: 1.5770, 1.5730, 1.5720, 1.5700


Weakens the near-term structure, as repeated attempt through main bear trendline off 85.51 failed. Loss of initial support at 77.00 and break below the next significant level at 76.67, brings the pair back to the previous range levels, with hourly studies pointing lower and 20 day MA at 77.00, expected to cap. This would increase risk of retest of 76.30, 12 Oct low, below which to open key support zone at 76.10/75.93. Only break above 77.00 barrier would improve the immediate tone, but clearance of trendline resistance, currently at 77.36, is required to confirm. Daily studies, however, remain flat, but below their midlines.

Res: 76.87, 77.00, 77.36, 77.50
Sup: 76.75, 76.59, 76.30, 76.10


Trades in near-term recovery mode after loss of key short-term support at 0.8920, extended reversal from 0.9313 high, to post fresh one month low at 0.8880 yesterday. Near-term tone remains negative while initial barriers at 0.9000/38 stay intact, with downside test of 0.8920/0.8880 supports seen favored. Below 0.8880 to expose 0.8800 and 0.8770, 200 day MA. Only break above 0.9038 would improve the structure and expose key barriers at 0.9120/40.

Res: 0.8995, 0.9000, 0.9038, 0.9051
Sup: 0.8944, 0.8900, 0.8880, 0.8850