Comes under pressure after failure to sustain gains above 1.3900, with pullback off today’s fresh one month high at 1.3913, seen corrective, while key near-term support and breakpoint at 1.3685 stays intact. Resumption of the uptrend from 1.3145 is seen on a break above 1.3900/13, with key short-term barrier at 1.3935 to come in focus. Loss of 1.3685, however, would delay for stronger correction towards 1.3620, Fib 38.2%, while break below 1.3565/20 to sideline short-term bears.

Res: 1.3800, 1.3832, 1.3900, 1.3913
Sup: 1.3764, 1.3722, 1.3700, 1.3685


Corrects the recent gains through 1.5800 barrier that peaked at 1.5850. Break below initial support at 1.5800, extended pullback to 1.5830, just ahead of next support zone at 1.5720/00, where temporary footstep was found. Bounce higher needs to regain 1.5800 to revive near-term bulls, however, hourly studies are entering negative zone and keeping the downside risk in play. Loss of 1.5730/20 levels would risk deeper reversal and expose breakpoint at 1.5665.

Res: 1.5783, 1.5800, 1.5851, 1.5865
Sup: 1.5730, 1.5720, 1.5700, 1.5685


Loses the traction again after repeated attempt to hold gains above 77.00, now acting as initial support, was capped by bear-trendline off 85.51, 07 Apr high. 77.00 support comes under pressure, with break lower to signal a return to the broader range trade. Break above the trendline resistance is required to confirm near-term positive stance and expose key short-term barriers at 77.85/78.00. On the downside, 76.67/50 band supports for now, while break below 76.30 to weaken the structure and open 76.10/75.93 for test.

Res: 77.29, 77.44, 77.48, 77.85
Sup: 77.00, 76.90, 76.80, 76.67


Corrective attempt from today’s fresh month low at 0.8880 has so far been capped under initial barrier at 0.9000, maintaining the negative short-term structure, that was further weakened after losing the key support at 0.8920. While 0.9000/30 zone stays intact, potential is seen for fresh weakness under, 0.8900/0.8880, to focus 0.8815, trendline support, possibly 200 day MA, currently at 0.8770, on a break.

Res: 0.8981, 0.9000, 0.9038, 0.9051
Sup: 0.8953, 0.8900, 0.8850, 0.8815