Remains in a near-term corrective mode after gains were capped at 1.3700, key short-term resistance zone. Losses through initial 1.3600 support have so far retraced 23.6% of 1.6145/1.3697 ascend, with hourly studies pointing lower and testing their centerlines. Four-hour outlook, however, still keeps positive tone, with 1.3525/00 zone, also 20 day MA, expected to contain dips, to maintain short-term bulls. Regain of 1.3700 opens 1.3800 next, while break below 1.3400/1.3360 would be bearish.

Res: 1.3600, 1.3672, 1.3697, 1.3750
Sup: 1.3564, 1.3523, 1.3500, 1.3455


Corrective pullback that followed upside rejection under key short-term barrier at 1.5700/14 still holds above 1.5600 handle, 4-hour as 20 day MA at 1.5557 and still positive studies keep focus higher. Hourly outlook weakened, with MACD attempting at midline. Downside loss of 1.5525/00 support would put bulls on hold and open way for further reversal. On the upside, clearance of 1.5700/14 barrier to signal double bottom and resume short-term uptrend towards 1.5750/85.

Res: 1.5662, 1.5687, 1.5700, 1.5714
Sup: 1.5600, 1.5580, 1.5525, 1.5500


Remains in a recent 50-pips range, as yesterday’s attempt higher stalled at 77.05, with subsequent pullback into 77.55 zone, where dips were contained for now. Hourly and 4-hour studies continue to hover around their midlines, as break below bull trendline off 76.10, suggesting possible extension lower and test of broader range floor at 76.10/00, with break below 76.50 required to confirm. Initial barriers lie at 76.85/77.00 zone and only clear break above the latter to improve near-term outlook.

Res: 76.90, 77.00, 77.09, 77.27
Sup: 76.57, 76.50, 76.41, 76.32


Extended corrective pullback after upside rejection at 0.9300 barrier, with break below 0.9200/0.9140 initial supports accelerated losses to test 0.9000 so far, ahead of key level at 0.8920, below which to allow stronger correction reversal of the recent 0.7067/0.9310 strong uptrend. On the upside, 0.9140 now acts as resistance, while 0.9280/0.9310 zone caps for now.

Res: 0.9120, 0.9140, 0.9200, 0.9278
Sup: 0.9000, 0.8920, 0.8900, 0.8842