What Kind Of Program Is ACX?

Is it a HYIP? Kind of... because it has some features of a HYIP - like it pays huge Daily Sales Commissions, but you don't have to go hide when it goes down, because ACX never does.

Is it an MLM? Kind of... because it has some features of an MLM - like you can make a lot on Referral Commissions on two levels, BUT you don't have to recruit because you can Make Huge Money on just the Ad Packs you buy.

Is it an Affiliate Program? Kind of... because it has some features of an Affiliate Program - like ACX Members can promote to others using Affiliate Sales Pages that attract other Affiliates.

Is it a Matrix System? Kind of... because it has some features of a Matrix System - like the ability to earn long-term rebates in the Panel System's 2x2 matrix.

Is it a Revenue Sharing System? Kind of... because it has some features of a Revenue Sharing System - like you can make up to 6% per day currently - this comes from the money you and other members spend on advertising - ACX gives back ALL the money to its advertisers - that includes you!

Is it a Pyramid Scheme? No! There are no features in the ACX System that are like a pyramid scheme because, first of all they are illegal. ACX sells its Members Online Advertising, which guarantees "views" to websites. And when ACX Members view other Members' websites, ACX pays them a Daily Commission. There is no situation where someone at the "top" gets paid more for simply being at the top - like a pyramid.

So what do you call a program that uses a combination of all the best things in each type of system, like the excitement and simplicity of an HYIP that is easy to follow and even feels like an investment program, even though it isn't, and a program that has the earning power of multiple levels and recurring Daily Earnings like an network marketing, but isn't MLM?

You call it the ACX Power 300 Compensation Plan - a "hybrid pay system" that is like no other program in history. It's the Ferrari of Money-Making Programs! ACX is the Best of the Best, and we are thrilled that you are part of the ACX Dream Team!

Everyone Is Equal At ACX!
All Members EARN the exact same DSC Rates. Depending on what the DAILY Variable DSC Rate is for when you purchase your Ad Packs, you'll earn That Rate EACH DAY until you have earned the maximum of 150%. EVERYONE GETS PAID THE SAME!

If you want to make MORE money, just buy MORE Advertising Packages - they are currently paying 6% a day (36% a week). At some point the Variable Rate will increase to 7%... but we don't know when. As long as we keep growing Sales Revenue at 6% a day, we have no reason to increase it.

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