We are looking for promoters that promote our forum to different investment programs, forex programs, offshore banking agents, hyips, cyclers, mlm, currency traders, exchanger, payment processor etc.. Anything that has to do with investments.

We offer:
1. Work from the comfurt of your home.
2. 20% cut on all advertising sales.
3. A good learning platform.
4. Professional team that assist you.

What you need:
1. Sales spirit.
2. Some understanding about what kind of clients advertise with Rolclub.
3. Internet and pc.
4. To have time at hand that you can work daily twards our clients.
5. Strong will to succeed.

What you get:
1. You will get 20% income from all sales that you bring inn to Rolclub.
Our other promoters make between 300-3000 and some even more a month just doing this month after month.
2. We will teach you all you need to know.

If your interested please email us at [email protected]
we look forward to hear from you.