We are happy to offer you discounted rates!
We are suggesting over off 50% the exchange costs to the first 5 participans of the forums who will be contacting us regarding the service.
The offer is avalaible until 15.05.10

SolidTrastPay -> Liberty Reserve 7%
SolidTrastPay -> StrictPay 6%
SolidTrastPay -> AlertPay 6%
SolidTrastPay -> Perfect Money 6%

Liberty Reserve -> SolidTrastPay 6%
Liberty Reserve -> StrictPay 6%
Liberty Reserve -> AlertPay 6%
Liberty Reserve -> Perfect Money 6%

StrictPay -> Liberty Reserve 7%
StrictPay -> SolidTrastPay 5%
StrictPay -> AlertPay 6%
StrictPay -> Perfect Money 6%

Perfect Money -> Liberty Reserve 7%
Perfect Money -> SolidTrastPay 6%
Perfect Money -> AlertPay 6%
Perfect Money -> StrictPay 6%

The exchange transaction for all new clients will be processed within 96 hours.
Minimal commission for all transactions is $10
If you did not find the necessary payment system on the website, please contact our support team and we will help you with your issue.
If you need to exchange more than 5000 USD(or any electronic currency units) please contact our support team and we will offer you discounted exchnage rates.

To create an application please follow this link exchange center
or contact our support team:
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: exchange.center

We would be happy to see you as our client