We at CashX are very happy to announce the Launch of our worldwide service! Although new features and services continue to be added, CashX is now fully operational and able to process transactions.

If you are looking to transfer money worldwide quickly and securely, send money to family and friends within your country, or pay your employees around the world, CashX is here to help!

CashX is a Worldwide Money Transfer Service that helps you send or receive money from around the world, or from around your country, quickly and conveniently. If you would like to join us and become a member, please feel free to sign up today for your free CashX account. You will find the CashX link in my signature.

We provide our members with same day funding for their online transfers with multiple sources for them to choose from. And, CashX provides Global Currency Exchange services for our members who transfer funds worldwide.

CashX also offers a low-cost, easy to use Prepaid Travel Card which is available in USD currency (and soon in CAD). It can be used at ATM and POS facilities worldwide. Enjoy the convenience of receiving money directly to your card for instant access to funds. Use it to shop online, withdraw cash or pay for goods at electronic funds facilities. This card can be used as an everyday debit card, or can become a handy travel card with access to millions of ATMs worldwide through the MasterCard network.

And For a Limited Time Only! CashX is offering an amazing Two-For-One Special on the CashX Prepaid Card! When you purchase your CashX Prepaid Card, you will receive a second card absolutely free that you can give to family or friends! A value of $19.95! This offer is available to the first 2500 people to order a CashX Prepaid Card, and is currently available for USA and Canadian citizens. This outstanding promotion won't last long, so take advantage NOW!

[b]So, please take the time to peruse our site by clicking on the link in my signature, familiarize yourself with all of the benefits and services available to our members, and sign up for your free CashX account today!