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Automatic exchange WMZ, LR Exchangers Germany INC.

Specializes on an exchange, input-output of electronic currencies. Besides presence of the personal certificate, LR Exchangers Germany INC. is the official dealer of the company webmoney. Since February 2006 priority direction chooses an exchange wmz <-> LR. At the moment the exchange occurs completely instantly in an automatic mode. We are always open for questions and offers on cooperation.

Fast Automatic LR and WebMoney exchange service

For realization of an exchange fill the necessary form and follow instructions.The exchange are done completely in an automatic mode in 1-5 minutes. Attention for Web*******, we have an affiliate program offering 20% of our revenue, please contact us for details.

Enjoy the best automatic exchanger ever!

Live support

Skype: lrwmzexchange

MSN: [email protected]

1 WME -> 0.93 EUR LR

1 WMZ -> 0.93 USD LR

1 WME -> 0.95 EUR LR - from 50

1 WMZ -> 0.95 USD LR - from$50
1 WME -> 0.97 EUR LR - from 100

1 WMZ -> 0.97 USD LR - from $100
reserved 1934.85 LR EUR
reserved 3642.05 LR USD

Not automated
Please send WME to this purse (E111590672196), then fill the form only! Exchanges will be done from 10 minutes to a few hours. Contact live support for exact time.

1 USD LR -> 0.96 WMZ

1 USD LR -> 0.92 WMZ - under $ 50

1 USD LR -> 0.94 WMZ - from $ 50

1USD LR -> 0.95 WMZ - from $100

1USD LR -> 0.96 WMZ - from $500

Exchange fee- $2

reserved 2759.34 WMZ

Automatic exchange
You will be redirected to pay via liberty reserve. Exchanges will be done in a few minutes.

For more information, visit

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