Reading this, you can change your life style! It turn mind around and l am hereto share the success story with you.

I came across this system in one forum, and I decided to give it a try, surfing the net l found an article, which said one could make thousand of dollars in a fortnight investing as little as $ 4…

well I thought…that must be one more attraction for dimwits and newbie’s, but still l read it up to the end to know what sort of ‘Gold Mine’ l was supposed to spend my money on.

After 2 weeks, my cheeks started beeping with smiles and satisfaction when dollars started pounding into my liberty account like mad.


* Liberty reserve account, open it if you don’t have. It is free,

* Honesty and

* Ability to follow these simple instructions exactly without mistake.

STEP 1-- There are 2 LR accounts tagged accounts 1 and 2 respectively, you will pay 2USD into each accounts

STEP 2-- After that, remove account 1, then account 2 will become account1 and you insert your account (that is account 2)

STEP 3- Then copy this new format (with your own account this time) and paste it in at least 10 popular forums that you know.

STEP 4- Sit back and watch your account balance swell. I was skeptical at first, but said to myself what the heck with just 4USD, and am smiling today.



Follow these instructions EXACTLY and over $16,000 will be yours in 20 to 30days or up to $ 30,000 for you depend on your effort. The system works very well, thanks to the honesty of the participants.


1. If you haven’t got the $4 in your liberty account, you have to create or open your own free liberty account now at Get acquainted with this system, see how it works and choose the variant that suits you and fund your liberty reserve account with a minimum balance of $5

2. Transfer $2 to each of the 2 liberty reserve account numbers below.



3. Now erase the first account from this list, thus the list will go higher (number 2 will become number 1, etc). And put the number of your liberty account in line 2. Like this: 1)


- Your liberty reserve account number here

4 Make all the necessary changes, but try to preserve the main idea. Put

this article to at least 10 forums and new Groups. Remember, the forums you send this article to, the higher will be your income and your income depends on you directly.

This business goes on and thrives thanks to the honesty of the participants.

So, by the time you reach the first position in the list , you will have thou-

Sands of dollars in your accounts!!! and this cost $ 4 and simple work!!!

Do it now don’t put it off till tomorrow!!! due to its ability to pull in money

speedily beyond measure to you. Time is money!!!

Some useful tips

1. The first thing to do is highlight and SAVE this entire post in wordor

Note pad on your computer so you can come back to it later

2. Read through the program very well so that you understand the way

the system works. In my own explanation this a liberty reserve system that yield the members money through compounding process

3 If you already have a liberty reserve account proceed to the next step if you don’t have , then go to and register.

To fund your liberty reserve account or change your liberty reserve money to physical cash you have to go to an exchanger.

Liberty reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the world;

You can find exchangers in your country at Google. When searching with

Google type ‘liberty reserve exchanger, your country’ for example g-exchanger exchanges liberty reserve USD to graph card

Personal advice as a beneficiary

It is best for workers, students, unemployed people , job seekers, civil servants, business people, people in hopeless situation, pastors, people that has lost money enough in online and offline ventures , any person desperate for legitimate money etc.

Note that the idea behind this is to be truthful. It worked for me so will it for you. Wishing you success