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AutoHYIP.com Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AutoHYIP?
AutoHYIP is a Revolutionary Money Cycler Game.
2. How Does AutoHYIP Work?
First, You must join AutoHYIP.com, then, you must purchase into 'Position' offered by the System. The System then 'holds' your 'Position' in the Order Received until another member Buys into a 'Position'. You are then 'Paid' in an Automated Fashion, either X2 or X3 Your original 'Position' !!!
3. What are the Fees?
The Fee Structure at AutoHYIP is Very Simple. The System Charges 15% of Your Deposit - The Remaining 85% of Your Deposit is Placed into a Pool that Funds All Members Positions - There are No Other Fees, There are No Hidden Fees - The System Charges the Same 15% if You Decide to Re-Invest Into a Position. The 15% Admin Fee is Transparent to You, Meaning it is Paid by Members with Positions Newer than Yours. Example: You Place $50.00 into a Position that Pays 300% - The System Will Then Hold Your Position Until it has Collected Enough to Pay You the FULL 300% = $150.00 - This Simple Fee Structure Ensures the Longevity of the Company.
4. Is this illegal? Is this a scam?
No. This is not illegal - AutoHYIP is not under the jurisdiction of any one providence - No. This is not a scam. AutoHYIP.com is under COMPLETELY NEW OWNERSHIP, Our Partners Have an Extensive Investment In AutoHYIP and have recently purchase the Entire Domain Franchise - We Are Working Hard to Keep AutoHYIP a Success for many Years to Come!!!
5. Is this really Automated?
Yes. The System is Completely Automatic and 100% Fair - However, for security reasons, deposits and withdrawals must be approved by the admin before the system will process them. (Usually Within 24 Hours)
6. Is there a Guarantee of profit?
No. Due to legal reasons, we are n ot allowed to say that you will make a profit with AutoHYIP - What we can say is that we provide an honest and fair system of doing business, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
7. Do you offer refunds?
We Only offer refunds in the unlikely event of a system malfunction. - Your records will be reviewed, and a determination will be made within 14 days.
8. How long will it take to cycle my position?
Generally, this will take between 1 and 30 days, depending on business climate.
9. How long will it take to withdrawal?
Withdrawals are generally processed within 48 hours.
10. Where is the Referral Program?
To Keep the System Simple and Safe, and to Ensure that the Company will be around in 10 Years, our Partners have Opted Not to Enable the Referral Program.
11. Why do you only accept LibertyReserve?
To keep the system Simple and Safe, We Only accept Liberty Reserve eCurrency
12. Where Do I Exchange Liberty Reserve eCurrency?
Here are Some Suggestions on Where to Exchange Your Local Currency into Liberty Reserve Currency:
We Have Had Outstanding Exchange Success With:
13. What about taxes and tax reporting?
You are responsible for your own taxes in your country of origin. AutoHYIP neither keeps nor reports your earnings to any agency.
14. What about Privacy?
AutoHYIP.com Will NEVER Share or Sell Your Personal Information, or Email Contact Information - We Uphold a ZERO
Tolerance Policy in Regard to Spam and Invasion of Your Personal Privacy. Period.
15. What if I have more Questions?
If you need more information, please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page.

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