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ECU: A new Generation of E-Currency

By combining the biggest needs of buyers and merchants into one e-currency and providing a state of the art technical platform, "ECUmoney limited" is the first International bank targeting the online payment market.

As the only professional alternative to our competitors that are either managed by single private persons, situated in countries with questionable reputation or binding your funds to the fluctuating rates of precious metals, ECU is ready to revolutionize the way people think about online business.

ECUmoney Limited is a Private International Bank registered in New Zealand.

Multi-Language 24/7 Support

We speak English, German, French, Russian and soon Indonesian:
Support is available 24/7 online and by ICQ and Skype.

Featured Services

EcuLotto - Instant Lotto accepting e-currencies, instant winnings.
EcuSMS - Send SMS all around the World!
EcashWorldCard - ATM cards loaded by ECUmoney
Backed by USD and EURO
ECU are USD or EURO, and all ECU stored in the system are fully backed by USD and EURO in the ECUmoney Limited bank accounts. Free conversion between currencies at the spot rate.

Instant and irrevocable worldwide payments
ECUmoney Limited offers the most reliable and safe e-currency that allows instant, irrevocable, worldwide transactions in the respect of your privacy.

Exclusive Features for the Best Security
Never an e-currency had been so secure: Exclusive Account Security Level (ASL), 24/7 CyberGuard monitoring, free DIGIcard option to connect to your account, One Time Passwords (OTP), etc.
EXCLUSIVE: SMS Notifications

ECU Prepaid Cards
Available on various online networks and soon in many shops, it is a great present that offers an exclusive way to fund an account in full privacy!

Merchants API
The most advanced and secure tools and scripts that allow your business to securely receive, verify and send funds to other ECU users.

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