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    Default evowallet -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    Quick Wallet -
    Accept online payments immediately with Evowallet.
    No approval process, no paperwork and you can use Evowallet with any online Program
    No Chargebacks -
    All Payments Are Final! "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments
    Accepted Worldwide -
    Truly International and Friendly Payment Processor. Anyone all over the world can use Evowallet.

    EvoWallet Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

    How Evowallet work?

    Using Evowallet you can quickly and safely make purchases in the Internet shops, transfer money to other members of the system and receive transfers from them.

    How does this work?

    You need to create an Evowallet to begin making payments. When you have registered, you can deposit money in your account any way you choose: by a wire transfer using any of our exchange partners or by our internal funding system.

    Now you can make purchases in the Internet shops even if you do not have credit card, or to do immediate translations to other participants of system.

    Q:What are the advantages of using Evowallet?
    A: Instant Transfers: Send and receive real-time payments worldwide.

    Lowest Fees: Lower merchant fees than credit cards.

    Non-repudiable: Transfers are final and can NOT be reversed!

    100% Offshore: The entire business is operated offshore.

    Simplicity: Our system is extremely easy to use.

    Q: Are there restrictions on transfer of money ?
    A: No restrictions to send and receive money with the Evowallet system.

    Q: Do you pay interest on funded accounts?
    A: No. We are not a bank. We pay referral bonuses to users from fees we receive when you use our system to send payments?

    Q: Is Evowallet a secure and safe place for my funds?
    A: ABSOLUTELY! Thanks to the use of our Login and Master PIN to confirm all transactions! Your Master PIN is as important as your password. It is used to validate all transactions that take place after you login. Your Transaction PIN acts as a security measure as it prevents others from performing transactions on your account even if they got a hold of your password. The PIN is entered via a drop down menu that makes it virtually impossible to steal it via trojans or keyloggers!

    Q: Do you charge fees for internal transactions?
    A: Yes. Please see our fees page for more details.

    Q: How do you settle disputes between users?
    A: NO! EVowallet does not interfer in users relationship.

    Q: We have seen the collapse of a couple other providers similar to EVOwallet. What makes you different?
    A: First of all, we will never invest our clients money no matter what, as all EVO in circulation is backed by real funds in a trust bank. We provide a digital payment system and that's it. Secondly, our system wasn't developed overnight. It took a long time to plan and build to our satisfaction. Our business is all about integrity and commitment.

    Q: Why do you use an offshore company to do this business and not a local company?
    A: An offshore corporation is ideal for international business. Offshore companies are used all over the world in everyday business transactions, so it is perfectly legal. The benefits of an offshore company are far more than those of a local company. We use a Costa Rica company, additionally we want to protect our members privacy and have them enjoy the ease of making payments without too much governmental regulations.

    Q: How do I protect my Evowallet account from being accessed by unauthorized users?
    1. Create unique passwords
    2. Never give out your passwords
    3. Always access Evowallet with a trusted computer, with an updated anti-virus software installed.
    4. Never click on a link in an email, even if it came from your friend.
    5. Send us an email if you suspect a fake email or a fake web site.

    Q: Am I allowed to have multiple Evowallet accounts?
    A: Absolutely. You may open as many Evowallet account as you wish as long as each account has its own unique e-mail address.

    Q: What is a batch number?
    A: The batch number is a number assigned by the Evowallet system to each related group of transactions. The batch number appears on all Evowallet Spend confirmations and appears as well in your Evowallet account history.
    The same batch number appears in the respective account histories of both Spender and Recipient; therefore, the batch number is a useful reference when communicating about an Evowallet Spend.

    Q: Can a user send payment to me and request a 'REFUND' after payment?
    A: NO, All payments are irrevocable. That is to say irreversible. Not like a bank check which one can claim was falsely issued or a credit card payment which one might claim was unauthorized. The Evowallet currency issuer will not reverse a transaction you made. One should therefore be totally sure that one wants to make the spending and that one is spending to the correct account. You cannot rely upon the person you are spending to reverse it in the event of an error.

    Q. Someone claims to have sent a payment to my Evowallet account but funds do not appear in my account history or in my account balance. What is wrong?
    A. Please note that all payments between Evowallet holders are instantaneous. Each time a payment is made a unique transfer batch number is generated and is displayed in your account history. Account holders can provide this number to each other as proof of their payment. Please note, that if company refuses to provide you with the transfer batch number or provides you with the fake one - the payment, most likely, was never made.

    Q. What are Mass Payments and does Evowallet offers masspay facilities?
    A. Yes, we do provide masspay tools. Mass Payments allow merchants to make payments to large numbers of people.
    With the Evowallet Mass Payment tool, you can enter up to 100 multiple payment recipients with varying amounts to be paid out and all of these people can be paid instantly using our mass pay tool.

    Q. How do I track the status of each payment?
    A. Your Account history will keep a record of each payment individually, detailing the status of each payment.

    Q. How do I get my money out of Evowallet? Can you send it to someone else? Can you send it via wire transfer?
    A: You can cash your funds out Via an independent exchange service.
    The Evowallet system is designed to be absolutely free of any financial risk. There can be no debt or contingent liabilities associated with Evowallet. For this reason, Evowallet S.A. does not possess any national currency of any nation and has no bank accounts. Thus, Evowallet S.A. is not able to offer currency exchange services.
    Instead, a growing number of independent exchange service around the world support exchange between various national currencies and Evowallet, accepting remittances via bank wire, check, money order, Western Union, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and others.

    Q. Does Evowallet offer a Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) or some way for merchants to integrate your payment system into their retail web sites?
    A: Yes. The Evowallet’s SCI and API are one of the most advanced in the industry. Both API and SCI offer all necessary notifications via e-mail and/or over secure protocol.

    Q: You say that you pay a referral bonus to users.. How do you calculate the amount that each account receive?
    A: Simple. Each account has their own referral link, if you recommend EVowallet to friends and family and they open an account using your link, all the fees charged to them for their transactions will earn you a bonus. We pay you 10% of the fee charged per transaction.

    Q: When will I receive the bonus in my account as a referral?
    A: In real time, as soon as one of your referrals is charged a fee for an Evowallet transaction!

    Q: Am I able to change my password at anytime?
    A: Yes. We suggest you do it on a regular basis. Login to your account and click on SETTING and click on "Edit Profile" to change your password.

    EVOWallet Fees
    The following chart was last updated on the 3rd of Jan. 2009. Prices and Comparison is below between both Personal and Business account types at Evowallet. Please contact support center for any kind of Inquiries or suggestions.

    Account Holding Personal Business
    Account Creation FREE FREE
    Minimum Spend Amount $0.10 USD $0.10 USD
    Spend Funds FREE FREE
    Receive Funds Fee 1.00% 1.50%
    Maximum Balance $1000.00 Unlimited

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before considering to invest in any program.

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    Good morning,

    Thanks Rajhere, for introducing EW !

    My name is Virginia Lang, and I am a Team leader of the new payment processor, EvoWallet. Evowallet enables any business or consumer from any part of this world to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online in real-time.The founders of EVOwallet, along with its employees, pledge to bring you the most exemplary customer service, and user-friendly payment system available on the net to date.

    We have a "get paid, stay paid" philosophy, and thus are ideal for use by traffic exchange and surf sites, and are truly International. We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry.

    We also reward members who invite others to use EvoWallet with a 0.25 cent bonus for each signup, paid to referrer accounts after the ref's first login, and 10% of each referral's transaction fees.

    EvoWallet is currently in the Pre-Launch phase, while weblinks and customer service are being tested and perfected. A full launch is planned for early February.This is therefore an ideal time for your business to partner and grow with us.

    Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions etc. In the Pre-Launch Phase, we are open to all ideas for improvement, promotion etc. etc.

    Please check our blog at for the latest updates !

    Virginia ,
    EvoWallet Team

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    Hello EvoMembers and Friends,

    Just a quick update to let you know that details of our soon-to-come "Grand Launch" and all buy-in/cashout options will be announced later this week.

    Things are moving ahead rapidly now, and our EvoTeam is very excited !! Please watch the blog for further announcements.

    On Grand Launch Day, we'll also be giving out GLD prizes to help you fund your new Evo accounts, so don't miss out, friends......KEEP WATCHING!

    Have a great week,
    EvoWallet Team

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