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    Default auto-exchanger -

    I am not the admin of the program.



    Auto-Exchanger is a powerful integrated currency management, automatic exchanger & complete admin system. It provides everything you need to manage your clients and orders. Packed with features while remaining easy to use, we have tried to highlight what we feel are the most important features below.
    Don't just assume because you don't see something it's not supported - contact us!
    Note: Move your mouse cursor over underlined text to view further information


    * Multi-language support in both client side display and email templates
    * Fully template system which can be edited online (no complex PHP code), Fully WEB 2.0 compatible.
    * Fully javascript integrated code in exchange page for faster and easier orders..
    * Super extra security for both admin & customers to prevent unauthorized usages.
    * Ability to accept and process Automatic and manual currencies.
    * Retrieve destination account's detail and verify destination account in one step.
    * Customers should be able to automatically exchange between different e-currencies
    * Customers can place their exchange orders even without registration.
    * Customers can purchase/sell e-currencies.
    * Highly customizable to suit the needs of your exchange business, with SSL support.
    * Easy and automatic setup system.
    * Real time Exchange rates Rss Feed.


    * Complete Manage e-currencies through the administration control panel
    * Complete support and pre defined following payment gateways:

    Auto-Exchanger v1.3.5 currencies status
    Currency / Feature Manual Receive Auto Receive Manual Pay Auto Pay Auto Balance
    Libertyreserve LibertyReserve Manual Receive - Available LibertyReserve Automatic Receive - Available LibertyReserve Manual Payout - Available LibertyReserve Automatic Payout - Available LibertyReserve Automatic Balance Check - Available
    Webmoney Webmoney Manual Receive - Available Webmoney Automatic Receive - Available Webmoney Manual Payout - Available AlertPay Automatic Balance Check - Not Available AlertPay Automatic Balance Check - Not Available
    E-gold E-gold Manual Receive - Available E-gold Automatic Receive - Available E-gold Manual Payout - Available E-gold Automatic Payout - Available E-gold Automatic Balance Check - Available
    Alertpay AlertPay Manual Receive - Available AlertPay Automatic Receive - Available AlertPay Manual Payout - Available AlertPay Automatic Payout - Not Available AlertPay Automatic Balance Check - Not Available
    Perfectmoney PerfectMoney Manual Receive - Available PerfectMoney Automatic Receive - Available PerfectMoney Manual Payout - Available PerfectMoney Automatic Payout - Available PerfectMoney Automatic Balance Check - Available
    Pecunix Pecunix Manual Receive - Available Pecunix Automatic Receive - Available Pecunix Manual Payout - Available Pecunix Automatic Payout - Available Pecunix Automatic Balance Check - Available
    V-money V-money Manual Receive - Available V-money Automatic Receive - Available V-money Manual Payout - Available V-money Automatic Payout - Available V-money Automatic Balance Check - Available
    C-gold C-gold Manual Receive - Available C-gold Automatic Receive - Available C-gold Manual Payout - Available C-gold Automatic Payout - Available C-gold Automatic Balance Check - Not Available
    * You can easily add More currencies and worth of them without any limit.
    * There are too many other features in currencies setting that you can see them on site demo.


    * Personal information management
    * Ability to withdraw request his/her commissions.
    * Automatic password retrieval
    * Automatic email notifications to customers and admin, triggered by the order status.
    * Automatic order status page
    * Exchange default language (bilingual platform)
    * Order status and history, The member can list, review and even modify his/her orders.
    * IP logging system
    * Advanced sorting and filtering feature.


    * Easy-to-use template system, with very fast caching system unlike smarty!
    * User-friendly URL's
    * Create and modify new pages.
    * Add/modify/remove content pages and news, by log in to admin panel.
    * Install and apply packaged templates by uploading to server and enable with one click.
    * PHP support in templates.
    * Customize automated email messages sent to customers.
    * Create multiple language sets and edit phrases by editing simple text file.
    * Online configuration


    * Support Admin login limit to specified ip address.
    * All you currency password are double hashed, so no one can translate them even if they have complete database!
    * All login passwords encrypted in the database
    * All exchange order will double checked so you will never see two translation for one order!


    * Online administration control panel with powerful features and complete Order tracking system
    * The content of all pages, texts and news in the web site can be easily changed.
    * Order processing and tracking tools, With manual and automatically payment methods
    * Order management and search system
    * Commissions management payout and search system
    * Automatic notification of critical payment errors
    * E-Currency Accounts Management and Mass payments
    * Mass mailing to customers.
    * Exchange Fees Management Fees Management based on method of payment.
    * Customer Management with advance sorting system
    * Password update
    * Enable/Disable Friendly url
    * Update Default site language
    * Update Caching system status.
    * TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) integration.


    How to buy the script?

    We do accept various e-currency types, click here for more information's.
    Can I run a copy of the script on two or more domains?

    No. You are purchasing a license to use the script only on one domain. You should order an additional license for every other domain.
    Do you provide any discounts for additional licenses?

    Yes, we provide a 20% discount for every additional license.
    Can I see a demo of the script before ordering it?

    Yes, please visit our Demo page, You can see what are the members' area and admin area.
    How to get the script after I buy it?

    In most cases you can download script right after successfully payment, We will mail how to do instantly after your payment.
    Can I order an installation of the Auto-Exchanger script?

    To install Auto-Exchanger , We have $30 extra charge.
    Can I redesign my copy of Auto-Exchanger?

    Yes, You can redesign the copy of your copy manager. You can change the design easily. Also you can send the template to us which you want to integrate . We will integrate it for you. It will take 7 business days for this process. Then you can reinstall and check the correction.

    How to make payment for the script upgrade, banner or template?

    If you want to pay for script upgrade, banner or template, you can contact us and can request for the invoice with the required payment method.
    Auto-Exchanger does not currently offer all the features I need, so can it be modified?

    Yes, if the current script does not meet your requirements, please contact us. As your needs change, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals. Usually we rebuild the script in 2-7 days, but huge changes can take more time.
    How to upgrade to the new version?

    If you have got Auto-Exchanger, you can get free updates for 12 months, But after this period please contact us if you want to do it. Our fees are: $150 for the script update (with a new clean database and a default template). Additional $100 for the database update (which saves all user and admin data and all the settings from the old version).

    How to find the hosting?

    We do provide hosting services. First of all look through our system requirements to install the script. If you are not sure whether it meets your needs, feel free to contact our sales department.

    What, If am not interested in your standard template?

    We have another service called custom design service in which we will provide you support in changing the design of the script, languages, style sheet etc
    Will you provide me database, for start?

    While you purchase the script we will provide with all the details, Installation kit and manual.
    Is there any future charges?

    There are no extra charges. If you be more specific we would be glad to answer it on a more specific way. Script license fee is a one time and it's valid for the life time. If you need support service alone you can get it from us. We have Elite support service with yearly and half yearly subscriptions, please contact our support team for more information's.
    Is there any hidden charges? If please specify in detail.

    There are not extra charges. Licensing fee mentioned is a one time fee without any taxes, Installation fee would be extra ($30). If you wish to opt for any extra services like custom design service & Elite support service we would charge extra.
    Are there any copyrights of your company on this software for buyer of this software?

    Our *****ing won't be available on user area of the web site. Our link just visible in Admin area and Installation page.
    How to install the script by myself?

    You can easily do that by reading text document that includes in package.
    How to translate Auto-Exchanger product to another language?

    Translating Auto-Exchanger products are as simple as editing the template files and translate the English texts. All the user's interface messages, the error messages and e-mail messages are stored in databases.
    The error message and e-mail messages are translated by the administrator. These FAQ's can be translated in the admin back-end.
    What are all the details to be provided to install the script ?

    To install the script , we need your FTP info (host/login/password) and MySQL info (database/host/user/password)
    If you do not know whether you have the MySQL database or if you do not know how to create it please provide us with your C Panel login info.
    We'll make the installation for $30. But if you break something in your script or have any other problems, with not our fault, the reinstallation will cost you $20.
    How to order the design or a banner?

    If you want to choose the pre-made template from our site then first of all you should buy script and activate your license by entering the domain you will use Auto-Exchanger on. Then you will be able to choose one (or several) of our pre-built templates.
    You can order us a custom unique design and/or banner you want any time, You can even do it before you buy the script. The custom design service will cost you starting from $150. You should provide us with a basic info about the design you want us to create (images you want, colors banner text and format and etc.) via the support page and we'll calculate the cost and the time we need to finish the job. We'll start the job as soon as we receive payment.
    How to change the wording or the design by myself?

    Feel free to modify the css file and any .html file in the /_skin/ folder with your favorite html editor to make the user and the general areas suit your needs. You cannot change or modify the .php files, they are encoded. We do not pass or distribute our scripts' source to our customers in any way for the security reasons. So if you want to make any changes to the script you'll have to order this job from us.

    Affiliates & Referral
    What is a referral?

    A Referral is a person who joined Auto Exchanger Script through your referral link.
    How does your affiliates program works?

    Auto Exchanger Script pay 10% of the each spent made by the referral who was attracted by the client. In order to attract new clients we give you a special referral link which the client may advertise.

    If a new client visits the site and registers with the help of this link, he will be included in the referral list of the client who advertises this link.
    When are referral commissions made

    Referral bonus constitutes 10% of the amount spent by your referral. It will be added to your 'Available to Withdraw' balance immediately after the interest payments are processed.
    Do I need to buy Auto-Exchanger if I want to start referring others and earn referral commissions?

    No, you do not need to buy anything if you want to start earning referral commissions. You only need to open an account.
    How can I view the total number of referrals I have?

    You need to log into your account, You will then see the whole list.
    What does the link called 'Your Referral Link' mean?

    It shows the link you can give other people in order to refer them to us and benefit from our affiliate program.
    Will I get my referral bonus for every additional purchase my referrals make?

    Yes, you will get referral bonus on EVERY purchase your referrals make.
    When do you process referral commission payments?

    We process them immediately, and your commission will add to you profit automatically, so you can withdraw that immediately.
    What's the best way for earning Referral Bonus?!

    if you have website you can make huge money by copying our banners code from 'Referral Listing' page into your website.
    Can I send out spam emails in order to promote you?

    No, Spam is strictly prohibited. Any user caught spamming will lose his/her account immediately, if we see such activities your account will block immediately.

    For more information, visit
    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before considering to invest in any program.

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    Wink Thank you for support

    Thank you for support us,

    Auto-Exchanger V2.1 - Webmoney Automated(2009-01-28)

    I am pleased to announce the release of the Auto-Exchanger V2.1 Stable Version. Visit our admin area at to feel it!
    In V2.1 we made some major changes like:
    Webmoney is fully automated, even you can check our account balance in Acc status page, Also we add Clean cache feature so you can see your latest changes in skin code easily and faster.
    Site speed improved 2x by removing some unnecessary code, and some minor changes in client area, now Auto-exchange have ALL FAMOUS CURRENCIES, so you don't need anything else on this bussiness.

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