namely under the false name of 'SafeAtom', my PC is top protected and anyhow it is to be stolen from him successfully to me some $$, apparently LR is not sure thus like one believes ... yours recommends to change passwords etc. regularly to leave little money on the account....

'Jambutty's' recommandation
"The onus is on the account holder to make sure that his/her account is secure by making sure that all passwords are not revealed to anyone.

However there are spoof LR sites that look genuine and catch some people out. These are promoted by emails (known as phishing emails) that claim to come from LR.

Any email from LR will address you by name and will NEVER include a link in it to access your account.

Another way to get at your money is for a real HYIP to have a link in it so that you can make a deposit. The sci LR page looks genuine enough but as you input your logging in details and your withdrawal password that information also goes to the thief. These are impossible to spot until it is too late.

The answer is to have TWO LR accounts. One to use for making deposits and withdrawals and one to store the bulk of your money and this one is NEVER used to make a direct deposit to any HYIP etc. Not even if loading a debit card or making an e-currency exchange.

When you want to make a deposit somewhere, then make sure that all you have in the account is the right amount plus a few cents. If you have more then transfer the excess to your “Secret” account. Why the plus a few cents? If after making a deposit that leaves your account with just a few cents in it and it turns out to be empty you know you’ve been robbed.

What you need to do right now is to change all the passwords that you can for your LR account."