OUR LATEST VIPs: Ufuoma Richard, Solomon Oguntuyaki and Felix Okeuhie

Hello Traders:

Were happy to let you know that the our following customers have been chosen as our VIPs:

UFUOMA RICHARD: This cute and intelligent lady has long been overdue to become our VIP. Shes the first woman to buy Neteller from us. Then, our business was new and we were just starting out, and yet she put her trust in us. Shes done countless Neteller funding and withdrawals through us. Thank you for you patronage, UFuoma!

SOLOMON OGUNTUYAKI: Hes probably the oldest customer we have. This elderly man makes sure hes not left behind by the advances in ICT technology. He sells Neteller to us, mainly because he likes the way we pay customers quickly. He doesnt like it when you delay his orders and you fail to attend to him quickly. Were grateful to you, Papa Oguntuyaki.

FELIX OKEUHIE UCHE: Hes funded and withdrawn Neteller through us many, many times. What we particular love about this gentleman and good citizen of Nigeria is that, hes referred customers to us many times. He deserves to become our VIP. Mr. Felix, we wish you more and more profits in your trading activities, so that you can withdraw more Neteller through us.

This is a permanent decision!

The benefits of being a VIP:
That means as from now on, they buy Neteller from us at N365/$, and they sell to us at N335/$, or they sell at N340/$, if they have an Access Bank account (any amount). Other customers sell @N320/$ or N322/$ (Access Bank). Other customers also buy from us at N380/$.

We now have a total of 13 VIPs in the house. We will choose more VIPs at the end of 2018. We must confess that we wave more and more customers, who deserve to become our VIPs right now But we cant choose everybody at the same time.

If youre offended that we have not chosen you, were very sorry! We will choose you in a due course.

NB: Those who open Tallinex accounts and Instaforex accounts through our websites, also qualify as our VIPs. Well soon roll out more programs that will make more and more customers become out VIPs.

To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit: www.instantforex.com.ng