Our VIPS: Mbaneto Chidozie, Ayisu Robert, Mustapha Babatunde, Isabella Etuk, Nwoke Daniel, Isaac Okafor, and Lucky Akpede.

VIPs Profiles:

MBANETO CHIDOZIE: He funds Neteller constantly with us, and in large quantities too. We want to award his confidence in us, despite the fact that he lives in a foreign country.

AYISU ROBERT: He’s the first customer to fund with Neteller, using the services of ItuGlobal. He’s not a buyer of large quantities, but we want to reward him for being the first customer to do business with us in the year 2016. He’s also referred a customer to us.

MUSTAPHA BABATUNDE: He’s attracted to us because we usually fund his Neteller wallet to the nearest decimal place. He once transferred money to us when we had no Neteller. However, instead of asking for a refund (which we would have done immediately), he waited for days, until we could get enough Neteller to transfer to him. He also likes the fact that we do business on weekends. He likes getting Neteller supplies at discounts and that’s why we chose him as our VIP.

ISABELLA ETUK: While Isabella is not the first woman to do business with us, she’s the first woman to fund Neteller with us, purchasing large quantities. She loves getting Neteller at cheap rates, and that’s why we chose her to be our VIP, and also because of her loyalty. Needless to say, we’ll choose another woman as our VIP in the middle of 2018, because we have a handful of them with us.

NWOKE DANIEL: He’s a customer who lives in Europe. He’s never come to our office and he places trust in us that we can’t run away with his money. We’ve never disappointed him. He funds and withdraws large quantities of Neteller and he also opened an Instaforex trading account through us. He deserves to become our VIP.

ISAAC OKAFOR: Isaac first tested our services with a small amount of Neteller for withdrawal, and then started withdrawing large amounts. He was attracted by our speedy funding policy. He also gives good recommendations for our services online. What we like most about him is that, whenever the money transferred to him gets hanged, he’ll wait for days, until the issue is resolved. Mr. Isaac, we thank you for your patience.

LUCKY AKPEDE: Mr. Akepde is a trader and a businessman. He funds with large quantities of Neteller. Even when we run out of supply, he would wait patiently until we have. Whenever we contact him to inform him of fresh Neteller in stock, he quickly replies us, and takes positive actions.

NOTE: With immediate effect, all the people mentioned above have qualified to buy and sell Neteller at exactly the rates displayed on our websites. Their status with us is permanent.

Altogether we now have 10 VIPs in the house.

NETELLER at Parallel Market Rates
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