At and, we offer excellent exchange services.

Here are the reasons why you need to consider us:

1. You can call us anytime Ė Saturdays, Sundays and nights included. This is because we offer 24/7 services.

2. Even we donít ignore your SMS. Some customers send us only SMS and we reply them, and orders are carried out and completed.

3. When we see your missed calls, we call you back. Unlike some big exchangers who wonít pick your calls and will never call you back, we call you back when we see your missed calls.

4. Instead of holding you to ransom, we tell you if weíre not buying a particular e-currency at the moment. Some exchangers would buy from you and delay you for days and weeks. Likewise, if you want to buy an e-currency and we donít have it, we tell you. We just donít collect your money and then hold you to ransom.

5. We refund Naira cash and digital currencies sent to us by mistake.

6. We endeavor to attend to our customers speedily.

7. Unless there is a technical problem with our bank or with your bank (which is unusual), we donít delay customerís payment till the following days.

8. We reward our customers with discounts, promos, gifts and cash prizes.

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