It’s come to our notice that there are some scoundrels (419 - scammers) going about, claiming to be our representatives and encouraging our existing/potential customers to send funds to them.

This message would help you to avoid falling victims to such scoundrels.

We don’t dupe people into losing their money. We don’t steal people’s cash or e-currencies and we even refund monies sent to us by mistake. Therefore, we feel pain when an unscrupulous person tries to use our good name, which we have worked very hard to build over the years, to scam people.

The Best Way To Avoid Scammers Impersonating Itu Global/Instantforex
These are the best things to do to avoid scammers using our name:

USE ONLY THE CONTACT DETAILS ON OUR WEBSITES: To reach us, please use only the contacts info on our 2 websites. We also have the contact details for our Payeer Department, which can be seen on (when you click on the Payeer link).

However, some scammers are smart: for example, a scammer may change their Skype profile name to “ituglobal” or “Mustapha Azeez” to scam people. They can even use our logo. So how do you know that you’re dealing with the real Itu Global/InstantForex?

YOU MUST LOGIN ON OUR WEBSITES TO VERIFY OUR REAL E-CCURENCY OR NAIRA ACCOUNTS: The single most important thing to do is to register on our website and login to confirm our accounts.

  1. For you to buy/sell Perfect Money and Epay, please login on to see our Perfect Money and Payeer wallet numbers. Once you login there, you can click on “Buy” or “Sell” under “My Account.” You can also see our corporate account number. Don’t transfer funds into any ewallets/accounts apart from the ones you see there.

  1. To buy/sell Payeer, please click on the Payeer link on our website – – and see the Payeer account and personal bank account used for Payeer business. Don’t transfer funds into any ewallets/accounts apart from the ones you see there.

  1. To fund/withdraw Neteller on, please register on the website and then login. Even if you’re not verified by us, you can easily login into the website to see out Neteller account and corporate account. You can simply click on “Withdraw Neteller” or “Fund with Neteller.” Don’t transfer funds into any ewallets/accounts apart from the ones you see there.

WE DON’T DO ANY CRYPTOCURRENCIES: We’re often surprised when we hear people claiming to be on our websites, and still asking us if we buy/sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrrencies. Please don’t ask us about what we don’t list on our websites. We deal only on Perfect Money, Epay, Payeer, and Neteller (and nothing more).

Once again, we don’t do Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, Litecoin, etc. We don’t deal in any digital currencies not listed on our website. Always login on our 2 websites ( and to verify our ewallets and bank accounts.

We cannot be held responsible for fraud activities perpetrated by criminals. You are advised to always login on and to see our banking details and e-currencies accounts. This would help you avoid sending your funds to scammers.

To see our current rates, please visit

To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit: