Itís true that you canít order PAYEER MasterCard directly using a Nigerian address, but that doesnít mean PAYEER doesnít want Nigerians to use their MasterCard. As a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, you can use a PAYEER MasterCard.

First, itís is good for you to get verified by PAYEER, using a valid proof of address and proof of nationality. PAYEER accepts only travelling passport and government issued plastic National ID card as a proof of nationality.

However, if you donít need a MasterCard or if you donít need to withdraw PAYEER directly to your domiciliary bank account in Nigeria, thereís no need to get verified (which PAYEER also calls ďpersonalizationí). Without verification, you can open a PAYEER account and start sending/receiving money right away Ė without limits.

Once again, verification/personalization is necessary only if you want to use PAYEER MasterCard on ATMs worldwide or you want to withdraw PAYEER as Forex into your domiciliary account in Nigeria.

Now, for you to get a PAYEER MasterCard, simply login and apply for one. Put in all your correct information, but when it comes to country, choose another country. Please choose a country in which you have a friend or relative or an acquaintance you trust and use the personís address for card delivery. The PAYEER MasterCard would then be sent to the personís address in that country, and the person would just send it to you in Nigeria (by regular mail or registered mail or courier or by hand of someone coming to Nigeria). Then you can start enjoying the uses of your PAYEER MasterCard.

PAYEER support sums it up thus: You can order delivery of Payeer MasterCard in another available for delivery country from the list where you have relatives or friends who can receive and send you this card and enjoy Payeer MasterCard in your own country.

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