Today is Cyber Monday, and I would want to know which exchanger is selling Neteller at the lowest rate, and also buying it at the highest rate.

I searched the Internet and saw a newsletter from one exchanger, please see below:


Cyber Monday: Buy and Sell Neteller at the Most Competitive Prices


Cyber Monday is here; and weve decided to make you buy or sell Neteller at the best rates you would ever find today.

Our BUY rate is the lowest from any exchanger and it has even been reduced lower.

Our SELL rate is among the highest rates you would find right now, and its been increased higher.

This means those who sell Neteller to us make more money today; and those who buy Neteller from us save more money today.

This promo is currently on, and it ends at 11.59 PM, Monday, November 28, 2016. After that, prices would go back to their previous levels.

Today, those who have Neteller to sell may decide to sell at a higher price now and save the money for future use. There may soon be an emergency need for cash.

Likewise, those who need Neteller in the nearest future may decide to buy today and keep it in their wallet for future use. There may be an urgent/emergency need for it, and they would then be forced to buy at a far higher price.

Buyers should note that e-currency rates may go higher and higher in December, owing to a surge in demand. So, they may want to buy low now and store for future use.

To see our current highly competitive rates, please visit and scroll down a bit to see our present BUY and SELL prices.

Just notify us before you buy or sell. Your orders would be processed as fast as you can imagine!

Neteller here: