Hello! How are you?
I would like present to you Swisscoin company:
SWISSCOIN new opportunity like Onecoin
Swisscoin similar as Onecoin:
- founded by "serious" people, in Switzerland (Swiss CEO)
- matching bonus from 11 levels (!) - to qualify for all levels just buy a 250 euro package
- 10 billion swisscoins
- From September 2016 - MASTERCARD as a partner - open 36 million locations to buy in 211 countries
- started on 4th June 2016
So they have a serious plan to not only make the swisscoin popular around the world but also to make it easy to use it, to buy for it.
Sing up is for free and now there is a bonus 100 coins free and if you want more you have to buy a package. If you wolud like to signup please use this link: https://swisscoin.eu/ElUness
Whats app for more info : +212632531266
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