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Thread: Payza updates

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    Default Payza updates

    Hello everyone,

    Did you hear news from Payza about Lower Fees for Bank Wire Withdrawals?

    We would like to discuss this with you and to know your opinion.

    First of all, “the fee for Bank Wire Withdrawals has been reduced from $25.00 per transaction to $15.00! Similarly, the fee to Add Funds by Bank Wire has also been significantly reduced, from $20.00 down to just $8.00 per transaction” © Payza
    It is definitely positive update for all Payza customers.

    Secondly, the fee to Add Funds by Bank Transfer in Euro currency is reduced from 2.75€ to 2.50€ and the fee to Withdraw by Bank Transfer in Euro currency is reduced from 3.00€ to 2.50€. This update gives alternative possibilities to manage your bank finances in the better and favorable way if you use Eur currency.

    However, there were some changes concerning receiving fee:
    The fee to receive funds and e-wallet payments will increase from 2.50% + $0.25 to 2.90% + $0.30
    The base fee to receive direct credit card payments will also increase from 6.49% + $0.25 to 6.99% + $0.59

    With all respect to our customers we did not change exchange fee rate that much as possible and we still have favorable deals for exchanges.

    What do you think about that?
    Did you notice fee rate changes in other exchangers due to this Payza’s update?

    We would be grateful if you share your opinion about Payza’s changes.

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    i have no idea but thanks for telling this information.

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