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Welcome to Euro Gold Sales!®

Currently (5/5/2008) Low 15% Fee to sell your e-gold to us.

If you need to buy e-gold ® or other digital gold, you are at exactly the right place. It is very easy to buy e-gold from us!

Due to our simple approach EGS is growing and growing. Just call us direct on the telephone number below if you have a question. It's that simple to buy e-Gold.

EGS customers are from all over Europe, the UK, America and Asia. Drop us an email now and let us know how we can help you. You can buy e-Gold from us no matter where you are.

Pecunix now fully
automated at EGS

easily convert your Euros, US Dollars, Pounds etc. to e-gold!

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Pecunix now fully
automated at EGS

Attention! Our many USA customers!...

It's just as easy to send your dollars to our discrete European account as it is to send money within the USA. That's why we have so many USA customers! Phone us anytime if you have questions.

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