is the acclimation of several well versed Virtual Currency industry experts hard work. We were founded with the goal to provide solutions to our clients, via a platform that is widely available world-wide. After several years of re-selling other *****ed cards on the market, we have come together to form the EcashWorldCard, the first of its kind, a pre-paid card that works anywhere you see the VISA acceptance mark. Affilates are welcome to Register as well, every person who registers recieves an affilate link, see loading page after registration for details. We also exchange virtual currencies at an economical value! Register and login for more details!

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Welcome to exch.Ecashworldcard Where you can buy sell and exchange virtual currencies, with a true company.

All orders a processed in real time within 48 hours from receiving the money, minus weekends.

Any delays in your order will be reported to you AHEAD OF TIME.

Please note bank-wires may take up to one week to post either way.

Also please note prices may change on a daily basis, Menu is read from Top (currency your sending) to Left (Currency you are getting): E-GoldAlterGoldLiberty ReserveNumoxPerfect Money E-Gold X 9% 9% 9% 9% AlterGold -23% X -3% -3% -3% Liberty Reserve -23% -9% X -3% -3% Numox -23% 0% 0% X 0% Perfect Money -23% -9% -5% -3% X Bank wire -25%
-$30 -5%
-$30 -5%
-$30 -3%
-$30 -5%
-$30 Western union -29%
+ WU Fees -8%
+ WU Fees -6%
+ WU Fees -4%
+ WU Fees -8%
+ WU Fees

v Convert FromE-GoldAlterGoldLiberty ReserveNumoxPerfect Money => ToE-GoldAlterGoldLiberty ReserveNumoxPerfect MoneyBank wireWestern union
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If you are looking to bankwire in, you will need to use our bankwire form located on the load your card page. We are currently offering a 1% bonus on all LR orders via Bankwire. We are currently offering 1:1 (0% fees) trades for Numox for several currencies, and for bankwire.
Introducing the worlds first Visa branded E-currency pre-paid card