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IronBilling is a leading high risk international payment processor that is head quartered in Hong Kong We take pride in helping businesses of all sizes and industry, from more than 90 countries; meet the demands of today's global consumers. Our dedicated e-commerce services include cutting-edge security and fraud protection, easy-to-use custom controls, and 24-hour friendly support. Local, regional, and international payment support is provided securely and flexibly, by a team of payment industry specialists.

Iron Billing's service is integrated with a multitude of banks spread across different geographic locations, using advanced fraud prevention systems and online security to create a highly secure online global payment solution. Merchant accounts can now be opened with IronBilling in almost any country or region around the world, backed with multiple currency and language support. For this reason we have experienced a rapidly increasing demand for our flexible and secure global merchant service, with our transaction processing level reaching well over 1 million transactions per month.

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IronBilling is constantly working to improve our service and value for merchants. We would warmly welcome the opportunity to be your full service merchant account provider.

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What is a high risk merchant account?

A High Risk Merchant Account allows a business to accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment. This process has many pseudonyms, among them, payment processing or credit card processing. Merchants, or business owners who wish to accept credit card payment for goods and services, must apply for a merchant account, usually through a merchant bank or MSP (Merchant Service Provider).

What is an acquiring bank?

A financial institution that provides customers with the ability to process credit card transactions. Acquiring banks are charged by Visa and/or MasterCard for processing and these charges are passed along to the merchant.

How long does the approval process take?

At IronBilling, we work directly with merchants to get sites in compliance with bank regulations as quickly as possible. 3 to 5 business days is a typical approval process timeline, providing IronBilling has all the necessary documents at its disposal. A ***** new business may take a bit longer, owing to the need to assess business risk and identify any requirements unique to a particular merchant account. Switching to IronBilling from another processor is a simple affair, and switching merchants can anticipate a quicker turnaround.

How are transactions processed?

Once you sign up with IronBilling, you can begin accepting credit card payment, either online or virtual terminal (to process orders via phone and mail). The transaction is approved electronically, we processed and deposited into your bank account weekly.

How does the Credit Card system protect merchant and consumer?

Through transaction approval, an agreement between consumer and merchant is reached. The consumer agrees to pay for goods. In exchange, the merchant agrees to deliver them as advertised. A merchant is subject to penalties for non-delivery, or if goods are services are determined to be faulty. Consumers are permitted to request a refund for purchase from their credit card company at any time. This is called a chargeback, and they are hefty concerns for merchants.

Chargeback risk varies, depending on numerous factors including industry, product, service and the degree to which goods are delivered as promised or as advertised. Sadly, there is no way a credit card system can ascertain the level of a merchant’s end-user commitment, so it is vital that merchant accounts remain in good standing with the sponsoring bank as well as all parties involved. All fraud protections are in place to protect both consumer and merchant.

At the end of the day, the main goal of the credit card processor is to act as a conduit, connecting Merchant and Customer to one another while providing a safe, efficient forum for the purchase and sale of goods.

How does the purchase process work online?

Online processing bears a striking resemblance to any offline, brick-and-mortar retail shopping experience. Consumers browse through products, place items they wish to purchase in a “shopping cart,” and proceed finally to a checkout screen. IronBilling processes all sales in a secure environment. Consumers enter their credit card information; transactions are scrubbed for fraud and authenticity; and in the end, end-user and merchant are notified of a successful transaction. IronBilling then deposits funds collected from the sale into your merchant account.

How do I fill orders?

As soon as a buyer places an order, you can view the order inside your merchant panel and manage it as per your need, detailed records of each transaction are also stored on our servers and can be accessed by you for the purpose of filling, tracking and managing orders.

What does the IronBilling service cost?

Processing and services costs are variable, and dependent mainly on assessed merchant risk and transaction volume.

When will I be paid?

Payment are weekly with 2 week arrears.

Can you help me open my own merchant account with a personal bill descriptor?

Yes. IronBilling offers all merchants the option of opening direct merchant accounts with unique, personalized billing descriptor, but to achieve your own descriptor you need to process minimum 2, 00000 USD on monthly basis at least.

Do you accept merchants worldwide?

We specialize in offshore merchant account services and merchants all over the world are welcome here.

Are there monthly processing minimums or maximums?

No! With IronBilling, there are no barriers to your success. No monthly minimums or maximums will be imposed on your merchant accounts ever.

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Who is eligible for a IronBilling Merchant Account?

Almost any business is qualified to process with IronBilling high risk merchant account

For more information, visit
IronBilling.com - High Risk Merchant Account

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