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We are your personal E-Currency Financial Inc. We try to bring you the best out of nothing and help planning peoples financial freedom. We have been successfully serving more than 500 individuals and helped achieve them what they actually aimed for.
Currently Crugz only deals with Liberty Reserve, in future as we grow we hope to add Webmoney and AlterGold to our systems.
E-Gold is not accepted due to frequent account suspensions.

About our services:
  • Private Loans*
  • Investment Services
* For Application in private loans, restrictions apply. Please click Apply For Loan to get more information.

Sometimes, in life, there are things we want to do that we simply canít affordóyet. For example, we might want to pursue higher education, but donít have the roughly $10,000+ a year we have to shell out in order to cover the cost of tuition, books, housing, relocation costs, phone/internet/cable setup, and other miscellaneous costs. We might want to study abroad, but canít pay for the soaring international student fees. We might want to make a large purchaseóa computer, a vehicle, or a new homeóbut cannot put the money out up front. Or, we might want to start our own business, but lack the funds to cover all the startup costs on our own.

It is times like these we seriously consider taking out loans. A loan is money given to you on the condition that you pay the amount back, with interest, at regular, agreed-upon intervals. The original sum of money lent to the borrower is called the principal. Typically, after a specified period of time, the borrower must return the principal, plus interest. Interest is a charge for borrowing money. Interest is calculated based on a percentage of the amount owed. The interest rate can stay fixed throughout the life of the loan, or it can change at specified intervals. It all depends on the type of loan, and the institution issuing the loan.

At Crugz we try to fulfill all your dreams.