Liberty Reserve Is An Account-based E-currency System In Which You Can Store Your Money In American Dollars, European Euros And Gold (soon) And Transfer Payments To Other People And Receive Payments From Others. It Is Safe, Reliable And Confidential. The Payments Are Irrevocable (which Means They Can Not Be Reversed). Liberty Reserve Is Instantaneous, Real-time Currency For International Trade. Within Minutes, You Can Send And Receive Payments From Anyone, Anywhere On The Globe!

e-currency, Or Digital Currency, Is A Stored Value And Payment System, That Allows Users To Store Funds (such As Euro, Usd, Yen, And Metals Such As Gold, Silver, Etc., Or Anything Else Of Value For That Matter). The Main Feature Of A Digital Currency Is That Spends (payments) Are Irrevocable, Unlike Bank Payments (wires, Checks), And Other Systems That Have Similar Features (online Payments) But Can Easily Reverse Payments, Such As Paypal. Liberty Reserve Is Protected By An Offshore Trust, And Is At All Times Backed 100% By U.s. Dollars For Lr-usd Accounts, And By Gold For Lr-gold Accounts, Etc.

liberty Reserve Is Incorporated Under The Laws Of Costa Rica And Is A 100% Irrevocable Payment System And Digital Currency. You Can Send Or Receive Money To Or From Anyone In The World.

one Of The Most Important Features Of Liberty Reserve Is The Security Of Your Account. Passwords, Pin's, Stop Account Feature, And Anti-keylogger (trojan) Login System Are Just A Few Of The Security Precautions That Liberty Reserve Has Added To Keep Your Value Safe And Secure Within Your Account. Nothing Works Better, However, Than Your Own Due Diligence When It Comes To Security. Always Use An Anti-virus For Safe Computing.

transactions Are Instant And Irrevocable.eliminate Risk & Fraud. No More Charge Backs, Defaults, High Bank Wire Fees & Bad Checks! Use Liberty Reserve To Make Your Online Payments Quickly, Easily And In Real Time. Liberty Reserve Is Secure, Easy To Use And Cost-effective.

pay Your Bills Using Liberty Reserve By Just Use Any Of Approved Exchange Providers To Send A Check To You Or Anyone And Anywhere In The World In Exchange For Your Liberty Reserve Funds.

liberty Reserve Also Provides Personal, Live, One-to-one Chat With A Customer Support Representative To Answer Your Questions. No More Waiting Hours Or Days To Get A Simple Question Answered. Support Representatives Can Also Push A Url Onto Member's Computer As A Pop-up So That Not Have To Go Looking For A Particular Link.

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