Good day
Dear already existing or non existing alertpay account holder,we are known as quick jop payment agencies,newly join partners of alertpay and egold.We deal on improving the financial growth of every alertpay member,our business is only confined between alertpay account holders whose account are already been verified by
we build income for alertpay member after rendering a little service for us.We send money to your verified alertpay account and also send you an egold account were 90% of the money recieve will be withdrawal to ,every service perform attract a 10% in payment after every transaction is been complete.
For example:
if we send $2000 dollars to your account your will also recieve in the alertpay sending memo the egold account were the money is to be withdrawal to,you are to withdrawal 90% of the money recieve which is $1800 to the egold account given and the remaining 10% which is $200 is yours for the little service rendered.

See the instruction below:

[1].Open an alertpay account and verified your acccount by scanning and uploading the neccessary document needed by alertpay,or if you already have a verified alertpay account move the next step.

[2].Send the information below to this email: [email protected]

[3].We will call you to comfrim and send the payment to your alertpay account together with the egold account.
NOTE:You must have a verified alertpay account fro your to participate in the job payment system..