About Us

Welcome to EBGold, Inc (est. 2006). We are an e-currency exchange that

was founded in 2006. Our headquarters are operated in Stockholm Sweden,

and we were originally responsible for large, private money-to-gold and

gold-to-money transactions for business customers within Europe. We are

highly valued in the financial business community, particularly within


Now in 2007, we have opened our website and services to the public, and

we have expanded the services in which we offer. EBGold also charges

some of the most competitive rates on the market currently.

We deal with nearly all major e-currencies and payment systems -

particularly DGC (Digital gold currency).

As long as there is an e-currency, EBGold will be here to serve

customers. We are ever-expanding, and we are organizing partnerships

with trusted financial companies ********* so that we may at some point

become local to every country.

We soon hope to become GDCA Accredited and a member of the BBB, as we

are now open to the public.

Why use EBGold?

* Yes, we are still active!
* We continue to accept e-gold.
* Wide range of payment options.
* Wide range of services.
* Customers ********* are welcome.
* Yes, we respond to e-mails and give customers free support.
* Yes, we are reliable.
* Our company and domain have both been operating for over 1 year (see

* We are a private financial business.
* Dedicated IP Address
* DDoS Protection
* Hacker Protection
* Secure, custom site system
* Information is stored off-site.
* Fast Exchanges
* We use only verified accounts to pay you.
* We value our customers highly. Privacy is guaranteed and there is no

verification required.
* Anyone is welcome, from regular users to corporations.
* Large amounts welcome.
* We use a secure, trusted, offshore bank. All funds are insured and

* No registration required

For more information, visit
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